The Athletes Connected Newsletter: December 2019

Each quarter we share updates surrounding our program and other student-athlete mental health initiatives. This issue features Athletes Connected in the news, updates from the team and student spotlights from across the country.

After viewing the Athletes Connected videos, 99% of the student athletes indicated that they found the videos engaging and relevant to themselves or other student athletes.

The Athletes Connected program has surveyed student-athletes at U-M to assess the reach and impact of the program and deployment of services. Each quarter we will share one data point from our results.
Athletes opening up to discussing mental health issues
Athletes Connected was prominently featured in a story by Global Sport Matters about current and former student-athletes bringing mental illness to the forefront of college athletics.

“It made me a better player because, first of all, I learned how to have a fit mind as well as a fit body. I literally was performing at a higher level than I ever had once I got healthy.” — Will Heininger
Using Skills Learned in Sport Differently
Applying for grad school? A new job? Our latest article shares how your student-athlete career provided you with transferable skills for the next chapter of your life. [ Read More ]
I've Helped You Graduate, Now I Want You to Succeed
Ashley Korn, an academic counselor for UM student-athletes, provides helpful advice to departing seniors on what the transition is going to be like & some helpful strategies for post-athletics life.

“I know that if you embrace the fact that life is going to be weird without the structure of college athletics, it’ll
make adulthood feel a whole lot easier.” - Ashley Korn
Visit our Life After Sports section for more resources on the topic.
Creighton Jays Never Fly Alone
Creighton student-athletes began the Jays Never Fly Alone initiative this past month. Their goal is to increase awareness of mental health resources and dialogue on campus for both students and student-athletes through information tables and a social media campaign. [ Read More ]
UMBC Retriever Project
UMBC recently launched the #RetrieverProject to reduce stigma, raise awareness, and harvest resiliency for its student-athletes.This student-led project aims to accomplish these goals through education and support. [ Read More ]
Maryland Terrapins host event focused on student-athlete mental health
The University of Maryland hosted "Maryland Cares" in November, an event to remove the stigma around mental health and promoting help-seeking. The event was initiated by former USC volleyball player Victoria Garrick who spoke to the Terrapin athletes.

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