The 'Most Important' Element of Any Golf Fitness Workout... 'SLEEP '!!!
As important as the quantity and quality of your golf-specific fitness training program is to the effectiveness of the physical improvements in your body structure and your overall swing performance potential, as it turns out, there's something even 'more' important.  

Believe it or not, it's SLEEP! That's right... the quality and quantity of the recovery your body requires after a workout in the form of sleep is what makes or breaks the effectiveness of your fitness training program. 

The predominant physiological changes in your body, i.e. cellular repair and new cell building, muscle growth, metabolic increases for energy production, fat burning, detoxification, immune system strengthening,  etc. take place while you sleep. 

So, if you're having any trouble sleeping, at any time, but especially after a workout, here are '7' tips for better sleep. You may want to give some of these tips a try!

TIP #1:

Taking 200mcg of huperzine-A 30 minutes prior to bedtime can increase total REM sleep by 20-30%. Huperzine-A slows the breakdown of a neurotransmitter
called acetylcholine. The brain is sensitive and although it is generally well tolerated by everybody, it does have certain drug interactions with some classes of medications. Speak with your doctor before use.

TIP #2:

More than two glasses of alcohol within 4hrs of bedtime decreases deep wave sleep 20-50%.

TIP #3:

Having a solid amount of healthy fats  and protein prior to bed drastically  helps to eliminate waking up feeling  tired. If you wake up tired, it is  almost always a blood sugar issue.  Having healthy fats prior to bedtime  eliminates this issue and allows  you to wake up with more energy.

Making a pre-bed snack part of your nutritional program can be a great 
addition to getting you to where you want to be with your muscle building.
Almond butter, whole eggs, red meat or flaxseed are all great options here.

Not to mention if you go with eggs or steak, the additional cholesterol prior
to bedtime helps to synthesize more testosterone while you sleep.

TIP #4:

Room temperature should be 67-70 
egrees. It is well known in research 
you will fall asleep faster and also get a more restful night's sleep in a colder environment.

TIP #5:

If you have a tough time falling asleep,  exercise at night. A heavy workout in
the evening helps a lot of people calm down and fall asleep quicker simply due to the fact that they just finished training.

TIP #6:

Use minimal light in your house after  6pm. The skin has a sensitivity to light a nd when it feels light it can often get  it mistaken with the sun, which leads
to internal disruption and your body not producing calming neurotransmitters
or sleep hormones. The more subjected you are to light in the evening, the less tired you are going to be.

TIP #7:

Take a cold bath 1 hour prior to  bedtime. A cold bath 1 hour before  bedtime is a very effective signaler  for sleep onset due to its ability to  increase melatonin production. This is  a great tip for those suffering onset or  middle insomnia as they are heavily  melatonin linked.

This should help you out, have a good 'sleep' week!

To Your Better... More 'Golf-Fit' Game,

Dr. Paul

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