October 2021
news and updates


Samaritan House, whose mission is to support challenged individuals and families as they move toward independence by providing housing, resources and hope, has a lovely new garden space for their residents to enjoy. Recently, the Tarrant County Master Gardener Intern Class of 2021 partnered with Samaritan House to bring to life their vision of creating a beautiful meditative space for residents, as well as a vibrant habitat for butterflies. NSI called upon our amazing community partners at  SPSD, who then pulled in SiteOne Landscape Supply and Whiz-Q Stone, to help source materials, plants and additional labor to help make this effort happen. As always, SPSD delivered, beyond all expectations. The garden is now complete and has been flourishing as we head towards fall weather.

You might have noticed a few parklets recently pop up along Magnolia Ave, and now we’re close to a parklet debut for South Main Street. The concept, initially designed by the talented team at 97w Architects with additional budget adaptations by NSI’s Allison Docker, is now well into the fabrication stage. Several large planters, fabricated by Brandon Pederson of BrotherSister Design and Patrick Adams of 6572build, will sit on a platform supported by pedestal pavers. This pedestal system allows the parklet to occupy a site with significant slope while maintaining a flat platform surface. Accessible to all visitors, this parklet will be located along the east side of South Main adjacent to the plaza next to Hot Box Biscuit Club.

The parklet will be available for public use, providing a great social spot for residents as well as visitors to the nearby restaurants and shops, including Hot Box, Morgan’s Ice Cream, Tremogli (opening soon), and future destinations across the street at 314 S. Main Street. Keep an eye out for parklet installation coming soon and check out the cool fabrication progress photos below!

Following a strongly supportive community meeting on September 16, we saw progress continue last week with presentations and positive responses from City Council committees. The meetings unveiled exciting conceptual plans and details of a proposed development agreement for a major mixed-use development in Evans & Rosedale village. A wide range of new housing options, retail storefronts, restaurants, a proposed grocery store, small business spaces, and a major expansion of public park space would be developed on property currently owned by the City of Fort Worth and affiliated entities.

The project would be delivered through an extensive public/private partnership led by the development team at Hoque Global Properties. It has been a pleasure working with the City’s Economic Development Department, Hoque Global, Councilmember Chris Nettles, the Historic Southside Neighborhood Association, and all others involved in advancing this exciting vision for Evans & Rosedale.

The next big step will be a proposal for funding in support of a shared parking garage and public space improvements, to be presented to the TIF #4 Board of Directors on October 13. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months as progress continues toward construction in 2022.

Site activity should begin within the next few weeks for the long-awaited redevelopment of the Magnolia block between Adams and Washington. Urban Genesis is the development team behind the Magnolia Highline project. The development of the former FWISD site will incorporate a full block of ground floor storefronts along Magnolia — spaces ideally suited for the next generation of local businesses — and three floors of residential units above. Parking is located at ground level, tucked behind the retail spaces, under the upper floor units, and also shielded from view along Adams and Washington. NSI thanks FWISD for delivering decades of civic milestones on this block, including the recent launches of both the World Languages Institute and the Young Women’s Leadership Academy. We’re fortunate to see an exciting new future, shown in the rendering below, taking shape for this important Magnolia block.

Images show current site (above) and project rendering (below).
When we think about buildings and streets and public spaces, the forms they take, the roles they play in our daily lives, it’s often the rules of a district’s zoning code that have the most influence on our built environment. Over the last thirteen years, we’ve seen that firsthand. The Near Southside’s form-based development code took effect in January 2008. Since then, we’ve seen how new buildings of all different types, uses, and architectural styles have been constructed at a steady pace. These new buildings have fit in well among their historic neighbors, with both old and new buildings conforming to the same basic set of pedestrian-oriented principles to create special places and a highly walkable, mixed-use district. 

Now the experts are weighing in on our code and other similar districts, and it’s good news all around. A national study from Smart Growth America in partnership with the Form-Based Codes Institute concludes that form-based districts create desirable places without also leading to commonly feared impacts, such as increasing average rents faster than districts with conventional zoning.

Check out their new report, featuring a case study of the Near Southside (p. 29): Zoned In: Economic Benefits & Shared Prosperity with Form-Based Codes.

Key findings confirm that form-based districts deliver…

  • “Improved quality of life, walkability, and access to service and amenities.” 

  • “Greater increase in construction activity, particularly in multi-family development, than the comparison areas (average 154 vs. 115 percent, respectively).”

  • “Average rent in multi-family developments grew at a slower pace in places with form-based codes than in the comparison areas (8.7 percent increase vs 16.6 percent).”

  • “Number of residents in the form-based code areas grew faster than in the comparison areas….. where people can live near jobs and amenities with more options for transportation to everyday destinations.”

  • “Nearly $65 million more in tax revenue than the comparison areas’ revenue baseline.”

  • “Real estate developers touted the increased flexibility and predictability of the approval process in places where form-based codes were in effect.”

We're happy to make this recommendation
The Near Southside, and all of Fort Worth, lost a great friend and leader last weekend. Phillip Poole was one of the most instrumental in establishing not only a vision for the Near Southside, but also in implementing transformative early projects.

When I first returned to Fort Worth in 1999 to join the City’s Planning Department, I had already heard about a group stirring things up in the Medical District, as the area was most commonly known. The founding president of what is now Near Southside, Inc. (formerly Fort Worth South) was working closely with a guy named Phillip Poole. Phillip was opening eyes and spreading the word about urban design and public spaces. He was talking about time-tested strategies for streets and buildings and how important it would be for the district’s revitalization to follow the same playbook that had guided its original development in the early 1900s.
Over the next 22 years, I and our entire NSI team had the pleasure of working closely with Phillip as he continued his remarkable career as a change agent for Fort Worth’s central city. We are sad to lose Phillip, and our hearts go out to Mary Nell Poole and all of Phillip’s family and friends. Today we’re honored to share some words of appreciation below from previous presidents Don Scott and Paul Paine. — Mike Brennan, NSI President

Phillip Poole was instrumental in shaping the revitalization of the Near Southside.  His ideas and vision for restoring the historic fabric of this area was carefully orchestrated through the revitalization of Oleander Walk, Magnolia Avenue, and South Main Street.  His vision included attracting mixed-use buildings, the use of form based zoning, and walkable spaces.  Phillip Poole’s ideas and vision became the foundation for the Near Southside we enjoy today. - Paul Paine
It’s been 25 years since the project of rescuing the Near Southside from expanding decay and replacing it with a viable mixed-use environment was started. A number of dedicated business and community leaders got together, funded the creation of a strategic plan, and hired a retired railroad officer and then a retired Navy commander to implement the plan.

I’m that railroad guy and Paul Paine took the baton from me in year ten, and while we were both equipped with many of the skills needed for the task ahead, there were clearly some notable voids.

In the very beginning, Phillip Poole, who I did not know, walked into the house at 1606 Mistletoe Boulevard that All Saints (now Baylor S&W All Saints) owned and had been using to store surplus furniture. The hospital offered Fort Worth South the use of the property as an office. Phillip walked in the door, introduced himself, said that he’d heard what we were going to try to do (success was unlikely), and said that he wanted to help. From that day forward, he filled many voids for many years as a visionary leader, at no cost to the non-profit. 
Phillip Poole was an extraordinarily talented architect, designer, urban planner, and visionary who generously contributed his talents to the Near Southside and to many in the wider development community. He stood strongly for the things he believed in and left behind so many examples of his talent: innovative and visionary projects in the Near Southside like Oleander Walk, the bent steel tornado beams and the mural on the side of the post office building at West 7th and University, the static display at First Flight Park at Carroll and Mercedes of a full-sized replica of the first powered airplane to fly in Fort Worth in 1911, and it goes on and on. He left his mark on our city and we’re better for it.

Phillip, my friend, you will be missed. — Don Scott
Above: Conceptual rendering for Olander Walk Vision from JH+P Architects
Above: Oleander prior to redesign
Above: Oleander Walk today

After nearly 9 years, Norbert White has decided to retire as President and CEO of Samaritan House and will be welcoming Kim Robinson as the new President and CEO of the organization.

During his tenure, Norbert has taken over the ownership of Ability Resources, Inc., a former nonprofit that managed three HUD 8-11 organizations. He has also created a new partnership with Forth Worth Housing Solutions (Siddons Place Apartments) and has merged Mental Health Housing Development Corporation with Samaritan House. His most fervent wish is to enhance the impact and reach of Samaritan House in the Fort Worth community and beyond. Norbert serves on numerous task forces, including the Homeless Huddle through Tarrant County Homeless Coalition and is a member of the Rotary Club in Fort Worth.

Prior to joining Samaritan House, Norbert spent several decades in management and executive positions with AT&T, Verizon and other telecommunications companies. He focused on the disciplines of sales, marketing, customer service, and customer satisfaction. He left the corporate world after a thirty-four-year career and because of his passion for supporting and mentoring others, became a volunteer at Samaritan House and subsequently became a member of the Samaritan House board. He served on the agency board for three years and as Board Chair for one year prior to his selection as President and Chief Executive Officer.

We appreciate Norbert’s contribution to Samaritan House and to the Tarrant County community. He will be missed. Join us in congratulating Norbert and welcoming Kim.

On September 23rd, Elements of Architecture (Elements) celebrated its 25th Anniversary at one of its recently completed projects, the City of Fort Worth’s Rockwood Golf Course Clubhouse.

Near Southside, Inc. member Debbie Fulwiler, AIA founded the company in 1996 and had been located in downtown Fort Worth until relocating to the Near Southside in January of 2014 at the corner of Oleander Walk and 6th Avenue, taking up residence in a building Elements designed and constructed.

Debbie serves on Near Southside, Inc.'s Design Review Committee and volunteers her talents and time to a variety of causes in community. She and her team serve a wide range of public and private clients based in the metroplex and nationwide. Learn more here.

After more than 50 years in the Near Southside, our friends at Cockrell Enovation have sold their property and are moving to a new home in north Fort Worth. Modern times call for modern facilities and Cockrell has experienced incredible transformation during their 5 decades in South Main Village.

The print industry has changed with the introduction of digital print, the neighborhood has transformed from industrial to entertainment, and even the people have changed a bit too, such as John Cockrell, Jr. (shown with his wife Lee) who literally was born into this family business and now stands at the helm of the business that his father and grandfather also lead. Cockrell was ready to pass the torch, a gesture that makes way for more residents and retailers in South Main Village.

As Near Southside-based Maverick Development Group prepares to break ground on their new multi-family project, we pause to reflect on the many decades of friendship and support our community has received from Cockrell. Their generous donation of print materials to all our festivals such as ArtsGoggle, Friday on the Green, and Open Streets have helped our organization build, promote, and organize the events you now love. We could not have done it without them. Cockrell’s support as the official printer of the Near Southside Shindig, our annual fundraising event, has gone far beyond supplies and we have many fond memories of longtime Cockrell employee (now retired) John Humphrey helping to assemble centerpieces, stuffing and mailing invitations, and even passing out freshly printed progress reports at the doors of the ballroom as guests entered the event.

Cockrell Enovation has been, and continues to be, a teammate and resource for expertise, quality, creativity, and kindness. As this team transitions to their next chapter, we want to wish them great success in their new home but also remind them that they will always have a place in our community. Once a Southsider, always a Southsider.

Rendering below of project that will be built on the former Cockrell Enovation site.

The Fairmount Trash Pirates actually started as the Fairmount Trash Pirate, but Fleet Admiral Ace Eichler quickly found his crew. The Pirates are a local environmentalist group that doesn’t wait for change; they create it. No one likes a trashy city, so they take to the streets to help beautify Fort Worth and protect its wildlife. Seeing a need for change, the Fairmount Trash Pirates formed a union of trash pillagin’ buccaneers. They aim to eliminate waste in our communities and encourage the reduction of the use of single use items that comprise most of the waste we see on the high seas. They are a registered Texas Non-Profit Organization pursuing 501c(3) status. The group meets regularly in the Near Southside

Ace and the gang invite you to join the group on Sunday, October 31 for the "Halloween Street Cleanup" of Fire Station Park at 1601 Lipscomb beginning at Noon.

Or, for those with Halloween plans, never fret. You can support the effort by making a donation to their Venmo account (QR code at left) to help provide the supplies needed for their ongoing efforts.


Curious if you have COVID-19 antibodies? Anyone who gives a successful donation with Carter BloodCare will receive a complimentary antibody test!

Friday, October 15 + Saturday, October 16
11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The excitement of the holiday season is fast approaching. Are you looking for a safe shopping experience to find unique, handmade gifts? SiNaCa Studios has you covered. You have no doubt already heard that ArtsGoggle has been postponed to 4/23/2022. Our longtime event partners at SiNaCa Studios rely on this important day for mission-critical funding so are pivoting to hosting a reservations-recommended shopping experience.

The Glass Market & Pumpkin Patch is a unique outdoor glass bonanza. Shop pieces made by local and regional glass artists, while supporting SiNaCa Studios.

Up to 40 people can shop the market & patch per 45-minute shopping window. Each registration is for a pod of 1 or 2 shoppers. If you have more than 2 in your pod, please register separately for each. All outdoor transactions are cashless and contactless. All staff, volunteers and shoppers are encouraged to wear face coverings and practice social distancing.
GLASS ARTISTS, SELL YOUR ART AT THE EVENT. SiNaCa is still accepting artwork for the market. Unless otherwise arranged, sale proceeds will be divided equally between the artist and SiNaCa.

1013 W. Magnolia Avenue Fort Worth, TX 76104
Art Tooth is an artist-run, 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves as an art consultancy, artist resource, and community partner. Through exhibitions, networking events, educational programs, digital marketing, and strategic partnerships, they elevate the creative practice of local, emerging, and mid-career artists. Art Tooth was founded in 2016 with the intention to create more opportunities for artists in Fort Worth and to build relationships between artists, collectors, and art patrons.

Since its inception, Art Tooth has given $9,400 to artists to execute its exhibitions and has worked with more than 250 artists. With more than 100 events under their management, Art Tooth has built partnerships with small businesses and large institutions, but their funding comes directly from you - the community. This donation-based non-profit relies on community support to continue their programming. We're proud to have Art Tooth in the Near Southside. Donate to support their work.
Art Tooth is responsible for the public art installation in the Art South box at the South Main MicroPark in partnership with NSI. This weekend marked the opening of the 13th exhibit with artist Molly Margaret Sydnor's work "Cognitive Vibrations." The installation will remain in place for 6 weeks, so we encourage you to visit 113 S. Main Street to check it out.
Thursday, October 21, 2021
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Celebrating and promoting local artists through business partnerships, Third Thursday is a monthly art crawl held in the Near Southside Arts district hosted by galleries and local businesses in South Main Village and now returning to Magnolia Village also. The monthly event is designed to give local artists more opportunity for exposure and advancement in their careers as well as allowing patrons an opportunity to shop local. More than a dozen participating galleries and shops open their doors for free to visitors 6-9 pm. Learn more here.
Saturday, October 21, 2021
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Cufflink Fine Art is having a closing reception for their exhibition, Progressions, on October 21. As Cufflink Art crosses their one-year anniversary, Progressions examines the advancement of both the gallery and the artists they represent. Cufflink Art focuses on representing early to mid-career artists working to hone their craft and refine their voice. The selected works demonstrate the artists’ continuing drive to improve and the progress they have made. The show contains original works, monoprints and limited edition works by Andrew Abbott, Luciana Abait, Marshall Harris, Linda Shobe, Lee Albert Hill, Dwight Owsley and Michele Kishita. Follow us on Instagram at cufflinkartfw or visit our website at cufflinkart.com for more information and exhibition catalogue.

120 St. Louis Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76104
Show opens Thursday, October 7 at 7:30 p.m.

What could it have been like to be the son of a Founding Father, later to become President himself, who interacted with so many of this country’s movers and shakers?  Aaron Posner tackles this question with wit and intelligence in his play JQA, which he subtitles “A Series of Fictitious Encounters Between John Quincy Adams & Sundry Family Members & Political Associates on the Subjects of Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of a More Rational Relationship with Government.” Stage West will present this timely, entertaining and highly theatrical piece in a regional premiere, from October 7 through 31 in its new Evelyn Wheeler Swenson Theatre.

Ticket prices for the new season are $40 on Thursdays and Fridays, and $45 on Saturdays and Sundays, with $20 tickets for the two preview performances.  Food service is available 90 minutes prior to performances (reservations are advised).  Reservations and information are available through the Box Office (817-784-9378) or www.stagewest.org.  

821 W. Vickery Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76104
Full-service video production company, Texas Producer, and director Brandon Schwindt were recently nominated for a 2021 Emmy Award for their regional commercial for McFly’s Pub! The John Hughes inspired, 80’s throwback spot was shot on-location in the Near Southside and at the bar’s location in River Oaks. It features local artists Jay Wilkinson, Jana Renee & Chip Tompkins, a cameo by Christopher Lloyd plus a time-traveling DeLorean. The original commercial can be seen on the Texas Producer website at www.texasproducer.com.

The winners of the Lone Star Emmy Awards will be announced this fall.
Drigo's Near Southside mural 'Cosmic Journey' at Broadway Chapter has been voted Best Community Mural in the Fort Worth Weekly's 2021 Best Of. Check it out!
Near Southside-based non-profit, Lighthouse for the Blind of Fort Worth is creating a 1,000 square foot mural on their Adams Street facade that will incorporate tactile elements so that the artwork can also be enjoyed by people who are blind or vision impaired. The Lighthouse’s tactile mural project is pioneering for Fort Worth in offering art for everyone with special focus on catering to visually impaired community members who are most often left out of the experience of enjoying a mural. This project is an important addition to our Near Southside community art collection and makes a firm statement that art should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
To create this enormous piece of art, as well as another mural on the corner of the building at Broadway and College, the Lighthouse has brought on board Fort Worth muralist Kristen Soble. With dozens of murals under her belt, Soble is tasked with creating something she hasn’t done before by incorporating tactile elements in the mural. “It’s a complicated endeavor that is requiring much more research and moving parts than I’m used to,” she says, “but it’s a challenge that I am proud to be tasked with.”
The Adams Street mural, which will easily be seen by travelers headed east on I-30, will not only provide a source of beauty for the neighborhood, but it will also be used as part of the Lighthouse’s Orientation & Mobility training program, which helps people who are newly blind learn to navigate the world.

SiNaCa Studios is excited to announce an opportunity for non-glass artists to test their hand in glass!

The Non-glass Artist Residency is five-weeks of approximately 3-6 hours per week of studio time that culminates in a final public demonstration during Fall/Spring Gallery Night with the studio team.

Artists enjoy the expert support of the SiNaCa Studios team of glass professionals with a 1-2 hour brainstorming session that serves as the residency kick-off. This discussion with studio managers and directors helps to establish the goals for the artist’s project. The artist then receives four sessions of experimentation and studio rental with team members to understand the different processes of glassmaking specifically related to the artist’s residency project.

The artist is responsible for paying for consumable materials (outside of clear glass) used during the residency, providing their own transportation, and arranging their own accommodations. SiNaCa Studios will cover the clear glass usage, studio and equipment rental, costs of instruction and assistance.

Participating artists will be required to leave behind 1-2 works completed during the residency or gallery night demonstration. Artists will need to be comfortable being photographed and filmed for SiNaCa Studios online outreach and education programming.

A new boutique salon offering spa treatments to relax, renew and rejuvenate the body is putting the finishing touches on the building to soon welcome you to wrap, scrub, soak and soar your way into self-care.
519 Pennsylvania Ave.
After extensive renovations that included a stage facelift, new fencing, upgraded bathrooms and the addition of a bridal suite - this new special events space is now officially open in the Supreme Golf building.
201 S. Calhoun Street
An exciting update is in progress along the storefront of Park Place Village where Quarles, Ensemble Coworking and Music Junkie Studios are located among others. The landlords are refreshing the exterior and adding new signs!

60 new trash receptacles are coming to Magnolia Avenue this month to replace the existing trashcans, which are showing wear and some damage from over a decade of use. Funding from the Southside Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District was approved for the replacements, and the Near Southside, Inc. team has selected of an attractive, cost-effective model, built to handle busy urban streets and durable enough to last many years. These receptacles are a full steel structure, powder-coated black for all-weather outdoor protection, and also include a commercial grade hinged top that deters theft and ensures a perfect fit. SPSD will assist with the installation. Huge kudos to the The Welman Project for repurposing the old receptacles in new homes! 
Coyote Creek Construction is a Fort Worth based firm specializing in exterior and interior renovations, remodels and additions. Owner Benjamin Hipps and the team have just closed on the former Cannon Chinese Kitchen as the new home for this growing construction business now based in the Near Southside. Renovations are now underway.
304 W. Cannon Street
Corene Hess is one of the most sought-after hair artists in DFW. Hess has been working in hair for 13 years as a Loreal Professional artist teaching hairstylists across the country and a NY Fashion Week hairstylist. Hess' dream of opening her own salon, Salon Atlas, has finally been realized. The Atlas team stayed up to date on trend and technique and uses quality products.
710 S. Main Street
Panther City Salon is moving and expanding! They will now be a part of the BRAND NEW 701 building. The salon is also under new management and we’re eager to meet managing partners Brittany DeVille and Rebecca Foster. Come 2022 they will have luxury amenities and suites available to accommodate stylists, estheticians, lash artists, and more!
701 W. Magnolia Ave.
The Ruche Collective, an in-person boutique marketplace experience, is now open following their Grand Opening celebration on September 27! A place where they listen to what you want for your dream day and match you with vetted vendors that can make that dream a reality all under one roof. The Ruche Collective makes it easy to find all your vendors in one day while never sacrificing the ultimate bridal experience. Kudos to Near Southside, Inc. member Meagan Beard on this awesome addition to the Near Southside's Park Place Village. Make an appointment today!

1612 Park Place Avenue
Video Creators: Could Genius House be your home?

The video production shop, located on South Main Street, is seeking a full-time junior level (1-2 years experience) video editor to join the post-production team. Connect with colleen@geniushousemedia.com or learn more HERE.

901 S. Main Street
Quorum Architects announces the expansion of their architectural design staff with the addition of Dayoung “Day” Son and Lyndsey Howarth. Day joins the multi-family housing design team and Lyndsey joins the retail design team. Quorum is an architectural and interior design firm with a reputation for creating imaginative and functional solutions for clients.
825 W. Vickery Blvd.
Urban Yoga is now offering a new Fall Schedule with morning, evening and weekend classes with select classes held outside.
Sat. Oct. 9 1:30-3:30 pm Sadhana with Surya Mantra. Asana. Pranayama. Meditation. Gong Bath. All the juice and more. Sign up online. $30 per person

Sat. Oct. 16 2-3:30 pm Trans Yoga with Ley
A beginner-friendly, gender-affirming practice is open to (and reserved for) anyone who identifies as trans, non-binary, or gender-nonconforming, regardless of gender expression. (Allies, please show your support by sitting this one out!). All donations going to a mutual aid or charitable org chosen by the participants. To attend DM @leydavidelliette
A Better Connection is the Trinity Metro transit system redesign that has just launched. To help encourage potential riders and to offset any issues with existing customers, the agency is offering a promotional fare structure.

Through Oct. 31, fares will be:
$1 for one-way bus rides (regular and express routes)
$2 for one-way ACCESS rides
half-price for multi-ride tickets

TEXRail, ZIPZONE and TRE tickets will not be discounted for one-way rides.
Click HERE to learn more about A Better Connection.
8th Avenue's striking, blue-bladed architectural landmark, Hotel Revel, has an exciting announcement for the ground floor. After much market research, owner Trey Neville felt Fort Worth (and the hotel) was missing an important amenity, a swanky cocktail lounge. Enter Sugarman's. At the helm, former Thompson's general manager Mark Irving brings 25+ year experience with a unique menu concept that pays homage to Fort Worth's bygone bars such as Hideaway, Hi Hat, Bluebird and SuSu and Jacksboro Highway haunts like Four Deuces, Skyliner, and Chateau. In addition, Sugarman's will offer classic cocktails, three craft beers on tap, wine and bubbles. Food delivery to the bar from Ober Here, Ellerbe, Wabi House, Eat Fajitas and others let you snack while enjoying classic movies on the overhead projector. The 1950's billiards table, restored by FW Billiards, will be available to patrons in this upscale space designed by Ibanez Shaw Architecture with furnishings by 6572Build's Patrick Adams and BrotherSister Design's Brandon Pederson. Opens in October at 1212 Hurley Avenue.
Alright friends, you heard it here FIRST! The former home of The Bearded Lady (and Magnolia Tree Tavern) now has a new lease on life. The Radler is a Texas Hill Country themed biergarten taking its name from the German word for cyclists, as well as a nod to the fruity beer and soda combos that quench your summer thirst. Owners Trey Floyd, Brendan Wilbanks and Morgan Roberts report a menu with German fare such as pretzels, brats and all full list of craft and import beers. Watch for doors to open soon, just in time for great patio weather.
1229 7th Avenue
The former Shipping & Receiving bar is now under new management as Kyle Bryson, Wallace Owens and Stefon Rishel make plans for the Distribution Bar. Renovations are underway for this 4,000 sq ft space in the historic Supreme Golf Lofts building. The owners are prescribing a return to a casual hangout for locals and visitors alike as the neighborhood's watering hole. Working in partnership with The Social Space, the new bar will share the outdoor courtyard space and stage with plans to once again host regular live music
201 S. Calhoun Street

It has been an especially difficult month for the Dusty Biscuit team as they mourn the loss of team member Sterling Sellman. Our hearts go out to Sterling's family and friends. In his honor, owner Trey Smith presses forward and focus on the dream that Sterling helped to build. Lots of hard work, careful planning, and enough patience to sink a ship to thank for the long-awaited opening of The Dusty Biscuit. Give Trey and his Quality Control Crew (the family) a big high five the next time you see them - opening day which should be announced very soon!

411 S. Main Street
The fall menu is now available at Taste Community Restaurant! While the menu is marked with apple, grape, and pumpkin flavors; it’s what’s not on the menu this season that is most remarkable.
“We are grateful to be able to serve our 100,000th guest this season at Taste Community Restaurant,” says Jeff Williams, Founder and Executive Director. Taste Community Restaurant is a fresh and healthy pay-what-you-can restaurant where everyone in the community, regardless of financial means, can enjoy a healthy, high-quality meal. The menu has no prices.
1200 S. Main Street
After paying their dues in the Airstream at the SoMa parking lot, the pit masters of Brix announced a brick and mortar in S. Main Village is under contract and beginning major renovations at
1012 S. Main Street
Panther City BBQ has gone from food trailer to meat empire in short order and this Fort Worth favorite is again expanding with renovations inside the Republic Street Bar space for an indoor kitchen and dining
201 E. Hattie Street
The extensive interior renovations are underway for the refresh of Paris Coffee Shop. The rendering to the right shows the same classic Paris-charm with a fresh coat of paint, updated tile, and back patio. Follow their Facebook page for progress updates and reopening announcements to come. Learn more about the plans here. Or here.
704 W. Magnolia Avenue
Set to open in the summer of 2022, a big transition is underway at 314 S. Main Street where a former legal office is now making way for a handful of retail concepts. The first to announce, The Coupe will be a sparkling wine bar. Watch for more.
Trey Neville's Mercantile building on 8th Avenue has long been home to great Asian food with Wabi House as an anchor tenant, but behind the scenes (literally, behind the building in a food truck) Ober Here's Chef Mark Guatelara has been dishing up bowls of Filipino heaven for long lines of foodies. Now, they prepare to move indoors. Ober Here and Sharetea are the first tenants of the Mercantile Food Hall.
THE BEAST AND COMPANY is a New American fine dining restaurant under construction in one of Magnolia's prime storefronts. From dining room design to menu development, you can follow Chef Dustin Lee's journey here as we await his opening.

The renovation includes a new kitchen, dining area, and an elegant bar to suit the restaurant's upscale cuisine and atmosphere.
Dustin's on track to open by the end of year.
1000 W. Magnolia Ave.
The friendly team at Tarantula Tiki Lounge had been hard at work dreaming, scheming, and building and for over a year when the pandemic came crashing down. They erred on the side of caution and delayed their opening until June 2020 and then cautiously opened the doors to a masked, distanced, and sanitized group of new patrons without much fanfare. Robbed of their grand opening moment, the Tarantula team is still playing it safe but as their first anniversary approaches they are ready for a party. Join these conscientious owners for a celebration.
117 S. Main Street
Owner Robyn Davis and manager Monica Wright are turning up the volume
at WineHaus after an extensive patio renovation.
Wine tastings, dog adoptions, theater, brunch, jazz quartets and more are on the schedule for October!

1628 Park Place Avenue
Longtime Near Southside bartender Megan McClinton has pulled permits to begin construction on Tricks of the Trade. a unique bottle shop and spirits store. Megan brings a skilled knowledge of small-batch and artisan spirits and mixers and looks forward to hosting regular educational events once open.
219 S. Main Street
In the former Jim's Lock and Key space construction is underway on a new micro distillery and restaurant space from Richardson-based Lockwood Distilling. GM Sean Masucci has been added to the team searching for his teammates. Contact Sean to discuss openings.
1411 W. Magnolia Ave.
Construction progress on The Holly, a retail bottle shop and wine bar, is looking great as building exterior finishes are now taking shape. We look forward to enjoying a glass of organic wine as this new retailer from Mission Street Design Build owner/developers Elizabeth and Stephen Mears.
305 W. Daggett Ave.
Tre Mogli Cucina Italiana is the fourth concept from Fort Worth-based Trident Restaurant Group—providing a scratch made family style Italian restaurant, and two full-service bars. Tre Mogli means 3 wives in Italian, as a complimentary nod to The Trident wives. With Executive Chef Stefon Rishel at the helm, Tre Mogli will feature family style high-end Italian cuisine. Tre Mogli will face historic Main Street in the Near Southside’s South Main Village and will back up to their first concept Wishbone & Flynt. Featuring a gorgeous 2 story, 7,500 sq ft of space for a dinner or a special event in one of the private dining areas. 401 S. Main Street
Emporium Pies has completed their interior renovations and is now welcoming pie-lovers indoors for sweet treats. Pop by for a slice of Drunken Nut, Smooth Operator or Lord of the Pies and don't forget to make it a la mode. Open daily at 11AM in South Main Village.
411 S. Main Street
Famous for her "Tissue Paper Cake" design that received huge media attention last year, Tareka Lofton's decadent treats and award-winning signature cakes are now shipping nationwide. Keep these decadent treats in mind for end of year thank yous or holiday gifts but order early. Order online.
106 E. Daggett Ave.
Say hello to your new Fall Besties! The Peary Perfect Latte is packed with pear, cinnamon, and cardamom. Gold Mine is a sparkling cider topped with espresso, cinnamon, and a cinnamon stick to swirl. The Bambi is a shaken delight with espresso, oat milk, molasses syrup, with a dust of nutmeg and a sprig of rosemary.
1121 W. Magnolia Ave.
Longtime Southsiders will remember the days when getting groceries meant a long trek out of the neighborhood. Trek no more, the Near Southside is now home to TWO fresh produce markets. As a reminder, we're featuring them here to that the next time you pop out for a few staples you'll give these local food purveyors your business.
The Near Southside's foodie haven now has two years (and seemingly hundreds of events) under their belts. This market sells some of the highest quality regional produce and food products such as Trent's artisan breads, Dena's homemade sriracha, local cheese, British meat pies, and Hao and Dixya's famous dumplings. Pop by today for groceries, sign up for a cooking class, or browse their website of events. The Table is located at the Dickson-Jenkins Lofts and Plaza.
120 St. Louis Avenue
Located in this historic Sawyer Grocery building (ca. 1888) in the heart of South Main Village, Bodega South Main is the lifelong dream of Tasha Monticure. In fact, Tasha grew up in the business since her mother was also a grocer back in her home state of Wisconsin. Today, Tasha's storefront serves up some of the best deli fare in Fort Worth while offering a carefully curated selection of urban living basics (bread, eggs, milk and produce) as well as hard-to-find specialty items.
203 S. Main Street
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iter8 health innovation update
Texas Health Announces New Internal Medicine Residency Program

Texas Health Resources has announced that it won approval for an internal medicine residency program at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, and a combined program at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton and Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford.
The Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education granted approval, the Arlington-based Texas Health said.

“This is an exciting opportunity that plays a big role in the future of medicine in North Texas and nationwide,” Andrew Masica, Texas Health's senior vice president and chief medical officer of Reliable Health, said in a release.

The three-year programs, which start accepting residents in 2022, are intended to give physicians academic training and hands-on experience as they start their careers.
Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Dr. Madhukar H. Trivedi is a professor of psychiatry and center director of the Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care, a division of UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Trivedi reminds us that depression and anxiety can lead to dysfunction at work, but these symptoms subside quickly when an individual recovers. Employees with mental health problems have the same capacity as mentally healthy individuals for good attendance, punctuality, motivation, and productivity — that’s why it’s crucial for employers to understand that an employee who is struggling with their mental health is not simply evading responsibilities. Instead, they may need to establish a new working plan with their supervisor. 

Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center Fort Worth shares that a big project is in the works.

Baylor S&W All Saints Medical Center is drawing up exciting plans for a project at the northern edge of their campus, proposed to combine medical office space, hotel rooms, and an expanded parking garage.

The development will respond to pressing needs on several fronts to expand overall capacity of the Near Southside’s medical district. We’re excited to see those final plans currently taking shape in the Magnolia-based offices of design firm HKS. Stay tuned for more details!

JPS embarks on $800 million expansion and renovation

Plans are in motion for a major renovation and expansion of JPS Health Network, part of the $800 million Bond Construction Program that Tarrant County voters approved in 2018.

Big-picture plans include building new patient towers, an ambulatory surgery center, and a psychiatric hospital.

But, before any of those projects can start, JPS first needs to resolve an issue it's dealt with ever since its main campus opened 83 years ago, according to a JPS newsletter: parking. Read more here
In today's episode of not all heroes wear capes...

The good dudes of Magnolia Skate Shop have been recognized by Fort Worth Magazine for their continued efforts to raise money for Fire Station Park. Bobby, Coyt and the team have collected more than $60,000 in donations since opening their retail storefront on Magnolia Avenue just months before the pandemic began. Read all about it here.
Red Shoe Beer Launch at HopFusion
The Red Shoe Society, the young professionals organization of the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth, is partnering with HopFusion Ale Works on an exclusive beer in celebration of the 40-year anniversary of RMHFW! There will be a launch party on October 7th at 5:30 PM at HopFusion Ale Works. The beer, an American IPA called 1981, will be available from October 7th until they run out and a percentage of the sales will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth. Learn more about the Red Shoe Society.
LAUDE the Label Fall Shopping Event
LAUDE the Label is hosting a fall shopping event at their Showroom on South Main featuring complimentary mini floral bouquets, hot apple cider, and the chance to shop their AW21 Collection in person. Join them Saturday, October 16th from 12 - 4PM to celebrate the change of seasons & add some of their beautiful, sustainably-made pieces to your fall wardrobe.

LAUDE the Label empowers women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employment at living wages. As a company, they measure success by impact, not profits. Their model is moving the fashion industry toward a more humane approach, where the Earth and the maker are valued equally to the customer. 126 S. Main Street
Fatima Prayer
Come join S t. Mary's of the Assumption for a Fatima Public Rosary on October 16, 2021, at noon.

The prayer location is on the empty lot near the corner of Hemphill St. and Magnolia Ave. across the street from Cassata High School in Fort Worth. Prayers will be for our nation, peace, and to calm social upheaval. The prayers begin promptly at noon, so please arrive early.
Public Figures, Private Artists
The Art Station will host its Public Figures, Private Artist event on Tuesday, October 19 from 5:30pm-8:30pm at the Masonic Center at 1100 Henderson.

Discover artwork created by 45 area business and community leaders. In addition to the wide variety of artwork, the auction will include 10 experience packages and 20 hand painted papier mache pumpkins created by staff at The Art Station with inspiration from master artists. Funds raised will help provide art therapy for healing and growth to more children and adults in the community who are facing difficult life challenges.
For tickets, go to http://www.bidpal.net/PFPA
Mix, Mingle & Learn
Thursday, October 21 at 3:45pm the T&P Tavern the DBIA-SW Young Professionals, the Tarrant Transit Alliance, and The Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth are all teaming up for an Alternative Delivery, TEXRail, and TOD-focused Mix, Mingle, & Learn.

Join us at the T&P Tavern to enjoy refreshments and hear from a distinguished panel of speakers.

Tickets are $10 or FREE for Young Professionals under 40. Registration includes one drink ticket.

221 W. Lancaster Avenue
Coffee and Tea (CAT) Crawl
Join the femme-led coffee and tea houses in Fort Worth this Halloween for our second Coffee and Tea Crawl!

One ticket gets you access to 5 signature drinks (created specifically for this event) at participating Cat crawl shops: Arcadia, Black Coffee, Cherry Coffee Shop, Leaves Tea and Book, and Roots Coffeehouse over Halloween Weekend 10/29/21-10/31/21. Grab your friends and see what these shops and their femme leaders have created for you. You can crawl all on one day or across all three days.
Pride of Southside Homebrew Invitational
Pride of Southside is a community fundraising event hosted by SiNaCa Studios on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

At the event you can make your own pint glass in Pint Glass Workshops, sample and rate local homebrew beers, watch live glass blowing demonstrations, and enter our raffle to win your own custom designed sculptural or functional piece, made collaboratively with SiNaCa artists the day of the event.

Proceeds from the Pride of Southside event go towards the ACE Fund, which funds Artistic, Civic, and Educational Programming that SiNaCa puts on throughout the year, allowing them to offer programming that inspires and invites people to use the art of glass to create, express themselves, and heal. The ACE Fund helps them partner with incredible organizations like One Safe Place and Beads of Courage, as well as local schools and small group outreach like the veterans Courage Through Fire programming. Sign up to participate. 1013 W. Magnolia Avenue
South Main Spooktacular
Lenora Rolla Heritage Run
Women in the Arts
Amphibian Stage is partnering with the Women’s Policy Forum of Tarrant County to co-host the Emerging Issues Annual Symposium on November 12. This year the theme is Women in the Arts: The Transformative Role of Art in Culture and the Economy. The event will feature many acclaimed guest speakers, including creative strategist Phillipa Hughes and Near Southside Inc.’s own Megan Henderson.

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The Near Southside is home to hundreds of destinations such as restaurants, music venues, theaters, and galleries offering events and entertainment.
Near Southside, Inc. is a member-funded nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing the Near Southside of Fort Worth. For more than 25 years we have been leading initiatives to restore, reinvent and renew the Near Southside district and community. Learn more about getting involved today.