The "New Normal" Breakroom Realities
Addressing important aspects of today's breakroom
to ensure employees remain safe during COVID-19.
A contactless breakroom is the route to take when preparing for employees to return to the office. With Covid-19 continuing, social distancing remains strong. Employees will be looking forward to interaction, connection and community once they return. The breakroom is the one space that fulfilled all these needs. It allows staff to gather around the watering hole, collaborate, and commiserate! The important amenities of the breakroom remain in the new normal, but look much different. The goals of the space are now contactless, connected, and convenient.

Cleaning and disinfecting standards help to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and ease employees minds. New touchless innovations aid in reducing the amount of cleaning, such as foot-pedal coolers, J-hooks that enable workers to open doors with forearm, anti-microbial film on screens that kill germs on the surface, gravity-fed dispensers, and phone-controlled coffee equipment.

Signage and floor decals in the breakroom promote social distancing and curtails touching items then putting them back. Apps can connect the breakroom to allow employees to purchase snack and beverage items through their phones. Leaving the building to purchase lunch is no longer a quick task with Covid-19 procedures, due to 6-feet apart procedures creating long lines, plus temperature checks. To assist employees with safe lunch options some companies are offering daily grab-and-go meals on-site. 

The Keurig Brand recently shared a presentation titled Back to Business Safely which focuses on how coffee consumption strengthened and single serve demand rose with the presence of Covid-19. The informative slide deck gives you a fresh perspective regarding coffee demand, that can be applied to many areas when creating a Covid-19 compliant office. Enjoy and be safe!
From removing doors in the office to restroom faucets,
we have numerous touchless options.
The Ribbon Collection is a unique three-product hand-washing system. Specified as a set, or individually as stand-alone products, the slender deck-mounted trio create an easy, intuitive hand-washing experience at the sink, from soap dispensing to drying. To learn more contact us today!

We recently did a COVID-Compliant floor plan for a biotech company in Guilford. Employees were returning to the office. We provided them with the following data:

  • Modification of Amenities
  • Office Capacity Analysis
  • Reconfiguration of Floor Plans for Safe Social Distancing
  • Recommendations for Office Floor Directional Decaling 

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