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With real estate prices at an all-time high in San Francisco & Marin County (see chart below), buyers would be well-advised to keep an open mind when searching for their next home. This one, small act can have major implications on your life. By staying open to new possibilities, you will find yourself going where you wouldn’t even consider before and may discover your diamond in the rough.

I remember the first time my mind was blown by my preconceived notion that an aged, crumbly façade equated to a rundown interior. As a young child, my mother brought me with her to attend an afternoon garden party in the French Quarter of New Orleans. As we walked past dingy, dilapidated buildings and approached a rusty old pair of wrought-iron gates in front of another pair of enormous wooden doors which seemed to have been there since the beginning of mankind, I was a little bit excited (to be going somewhere “off-limits”) but mostly horrified. Did she have the right address? Once the doors opened and I could see sunlight streaming into the opulent interior from the sumptuous, lush backyard where a party was in high-gear surrounding a brilliant emerald green swimming pool, I was immensely relieved. Canapés were being served, music was floating in the air, handed a Shirley Temple I set off to view the sculpture and artwork and meet the other little people forced into attendance. It was a magical afternoon!

As a Realtor and Interior Designer, I am trained to overlook the present state of a home and to imagine its possibilities. How many times have I entered a gorgeous, stately home to discover the interior was not ideal, the views lacking or a bit off, and it not being used to its best advantage? Conversely, I have often pulled up to the poor stepchild of the block, only to find, once inside, that it has a fantastic floor plan and unimaginable views! There is always a way to improve outward appearances but there is something to be said for living in the ugliest house on the street:  You don’t have to look at it; just enjoy living it up inside!

Happy Spring!
First Quarter 2018

  1. BELVEDERE - $1303/sf
  2. ROSS - $1275/sf
  3. TIBURON - $958/sf
  4. MILL VALLEY - $904/sf
  5. KENTFIELD - $887/sf
  6. LARKSPUR - $857/sf
  7. CORTE MADERA - $838/sf
  8. SAUSALITO - $801/sf
  9. SAN ANSELMO - $686/sf
  10. GREENBRAE - $627/sf
  11. SAN RAFAEL - $592/sf
  12. FAIRFAX - $584/sf
  13. NOVATO - $479/sf
SF (4 Districts) - PRICE/SF
Single Family Homes (MLS '17)


  • D5: NOE, EUREKA, & COLE VALLEYS - $1165/sf

  • D2: SUNSET, PARKSIDE, GG HGTS. - $890/sf

It is a true pleasure to connect with each of you and assist with your real estate-related questions and concerns.

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