Teachers everywhere are moving outside of their classroom comfort zones.

What have you got to lose? Make the SHIFT!

SHIFT: Beyond Traditional Instruction | 1 Day Mini-Conference

WHEN: July 29 OR August 2 (You choose!)
WHERE: Region 4 McKinney Conference Center Map
WHO: K-12 Educators, Technology Integration Specialists, Campus Administrators

This 1-day mini-conference offers a menu of three sessions that provide pedagogically-sound approaches to designing student-centered instruction. All session choices are designed using the Four C's as a lens: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical-Thinking skills. Participants pre-select two 3-hour sessions to best meet their own personal learning needs.
Are You Ready to Shift Your Mind, Skill, and Tool Sets?
First, Choose Your Day: July 29 or August 2
Then, Choose Two Sessions From The Options Below:
Out with Traditional Classroom Management, In with Gamification!
Break Out! Creating Digital Escape Rooms
The Power of STEAM Challenges
  Questions? DigitalLearning@esc4.net | 713.744.6819.