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We need room in our yard, so here
are some incredible deals for you!

We must have gone insane but we really need the space!

With all the new products we have lined up for the new year including Lignia XD and new ranges of paving including ceramics, we simply have to make a bit more room in our yard. 

This means we have literally tons of paving stock we need to sell off at rock bottom prices.

Click here to download the catalogue and check out the bargains we are offering including stone from Digby, Marshalls and Brett.

To order, make a note of the lot number e.g #001 and give us a call on 01494 562406

All prices are ex-VAT and our normal delivery costs apply.  Everything listed is what we have, when they are gone, they are gone.
We also have some special offers on our regular stock
Granite has long been one of our most popular products and is the densest stones we have to offer. 
Its high density makes it exceptionally durable and in turn increases its weather resilience. The slabs have a highly textured surface that give it its slip-resistant qualities making it a home friendly stone.

Dusk Granite lends itself to any garden project being a versatile, user friendly stone. With colours consisting of dark greys, with small speckles of black and tiny fragments of quartz mixed in creates a beautiful overall tone. This Dusk Granite is cut for Butt Joints Only/Full Pack Only*
Our usual list price for a 15.22msq Project Pack was £423.87 now it is £303.64
That takes it from £27.85 per meter down to £19.95 + VAT*   

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Pointing Your Patio
We stock two ranges of pointing, Marshalls Weatherpoint 365 and Azpects Easyjoint. We highly rate both products and we're the cheapest supplier of both that you will find.

Weatherpoint 365 is an all weather jointing material that speeds up installation time and reduces labour involvement. Weatherpoint 365 can be laid all year round in rain or shine.
There is no mixing or waste involved, it sets like concrete, you can store it under water and it stays workable indefinitely. Weatherpoint 365 has comparable strength to 4:1 mortar when set; it will even resist jet washing and weeds.

Easyjoint is a very quick, effective and aesthetically pleasing product. It is suitable for all types of paving material provided there is a gap of at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep. As the name implies it is easy to use - simply soak the paving with water before commencing and then simultaneously sweep and wash the compound into the joints, letting the water take the strain.

Barleyfield Tumbled Special Offer

Our Barleyfield Tumbled Sandstone is suitable for many garden designs both traditional and contempory. The ranges tone groups are hand picked to give a wide selective choice but still keep a continuity of colour hues in each pack. 

This range is hand worked manually to offer a natural look finish. Barleyfields pantones consist of golden yellows and straw/barley hues.

Our usual list price for a 15.22msq Project Pack was £390.39 now it is £273.20
That takes it from £25.64 per meter down to £17.95 + VAT*  
*Full Packs Only 

We have everything you need at the best prices

Whatever size your Patio Project, we have everything you require at ultra competitive prices.


It is also worth noting that our Bulk Bag Aggregates are 1 tonne while our competitors bags range from 800kg-850kg

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