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August 2022 

The "Wright" Perspective

A reflection by Chris Waddle

I had two years to graduate, get married and figure out what I was to do with my life. However, I was single, overwhelmed by my class load and nearly immobilized by the vividly imagined scenarios of possible failures within my ever-shrinking two-year time line. If I didn’t meet this time line, I believed I would either completely derail my life or be lonely for the rest of it.

I was a mess when I met with my mentor that afternoon, and he could sense that. He patiently listened that day as I shared what felt like was a tremendous burden on me. He empathized and reiterated what he heard which showed me he cared and understood. 


Then my mentor said something strange. “I want you to try something. Place your hand flat and then put your palm against your nose.” Unsure of where he was going with this, I trusted him and did as he asked. 

Then once again he asked, “Look at the lines on your palm and tell me what you see?”

“I cannot see them.” I replied.

“Ok.” He said, “Now, slowly pull your palm away from your nose and tell me what you see.”

“Now I can see them.” I replied, still missing his point.

My mentor then explained to me. "Chris, when we feel overwhelmed, it is often very freeing and empowering to take a step back and get a bigger perspective.”

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Since then, I have learned to recognize when fear and anxiety are starting to limit my sense of perspective. I have also discovered many different “tools” that help me to break the cycle of negative thinking that wastes my energy and does not get me anywhere. One of those “tools” has been writing. This kind of writing or journaling is not for others to see, but for my eyes only. It helps me to recognize and interrupt circular thinking and to gain perspective.

If this is a practice you wish to explore or an active practice you wish to enrich, I believe you will find Billie Wade’s, Journaling to Heal, workshop an enriching experience.

For more information regarding this workshop click here.


Your partner in hope and healing. 

   “Don’t try to live your life in one day.”

           ~Howard Jones

Would you or a friend be Interested in taking our Pastoral Care Specialist class virtually?

If you or someone you know has wanted to take this class but the drive to Des Moines has been a barrier, please contact Chris Waddle at If we have enough interest, we are considering offering a virtual option to our popular Pastoral Care Specialist class.

Fall Classes at the Center

Journaling to Heal

Saturdays, September 10 - October 8 (virtual via Zoom)

Mondays, September 26 - October 24 (in person, DMPCC)

Registration deadline:

Saturday class - September 3

Monday class - September 19

Pastoral Care Specialist

Begins September 2022 and ends June 2024

Spiritual Experiences in Dreams: Our Dreams & Dreams in the Jewish and Christian Scriptures

Thursdays, October 6, 13, 20, & 27 (virtual)

Registration deadline - September 29

(CEU: .8)

Ministry with the LGBTQ+ Community: What it Really Means to be "Welcoming and Affirming."

Fridays, October 7 & 14 (virtual)

Registration deadline - September 30

(CEU: .6)

A Taste of Sabbath

Friday, October 28 (in person, DMPCC)

Registration deadline - October 22

(CEU: .3)

For more information and a complete list of classes click HERE.

Email me at to let me know you're interested!

NEW Pastoral Care Specialist classes begin this fall!

"The Pastoral Care Specialist class provided the opportunity to share my experiences and gain new learning about how to provide pastoral care, and introduced a network of colleagues for support and ongoing encouragement.”

– Rev. Daniel G. Kuckuck

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Your partner in hope and healing,

Chris Waddle, M.Div.

Director of Leadership and Spiritual Life

Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center

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