February 2020
April 15th is around the corner!

If you have not already, please complete all steps to get started on your taxes by March 11th to guarantee we have sufficient time to complete your taxes by the April deadline. Click the button below to get started (or to complete what you have started).
Quarter 4 Market Update
US markets finished 2019 on a high note, in very different fashion from the prior year. On Wall Street there is an old saying that “the market climbs a wall of worry.” The wall was very tall this year, and climb it did.

In Q4, with the consummation of a Phase One trade deal with China nearly complete and more clarity on  Brexit , sentiment started to lift. Capital started to flow into equities, sentiment surveys have become more elevated and our shorter-term indicators are showing the market reaching overbought levels. However, on a longer-term basis, there are many reasons to remain optimistic!

Filing In Love
They say winged cupid is painted blind. While that may be true when it comes to love, it certainly does not pertain to the IRS!

In the spirit of true love, Valentine’s Day and tax season, Krozel Capital is answering some questions you may have on filing your taxes jointly versus filing separately.

Hopefully we can help steer you and your loved one into making the best choice financially for you! 

Learn About This New Law!
There were a LOT of new changes from this law. We are covering the ones we believe will most help our clients who are investors in their retirement plans, heirs to retirement plans and/or small business owners. Click below to read our blog post: