A Blueprint is a template for instructors of large enrollment multi-section courses to display, update and maintain instructional content across multiple section-specific Canvas shells via the process of course syncing. Which courses benefit from Blueprint?
  • Large enrollment multi-section courses in which sections are taught by instructors, who make use of locked identical content, such as modules and announcements, as well as assignments, including the assignment values and due and availability dates. Section-specific instructors are tasked with student management (sending announcements, giving feedback, monitoring discussions, grading, etc.) in their own shells and are not expected to modify shared content or assignments. 
  • Large enrollment multi-section courses in which sections are taught by independent instructors who view the Blueprint as a starting point, and may modify unlocked resources (change assignment values, due and availability dates) and create their own content. All changes made in the associated shells by independent instructors are preserved, even as new content is pushed from the blueprint. Instructor modifications of shared content take priority, so shared content is no longer updated if modified.
Which courses do not benefit from Blueprint?
  • Large enrollment courses in which section-specific instructors view the shared content as a starting point and plan to introduce significant changes to both the shared content and its organization.

Interested in learning whether Canvas Blueprint is a solution for your course? Email celt@iastate.edu call the CELT Office at 515-294-5357. Register to attend the Workshop, Managing Large Enrollment Courses in Canvas: Blueprints and More, Apr. 3 (9-11 a.m.) via the Learn@ISU website.