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The 12 Books of Christmas
We asked 12 of our staff members at random to pick their favorite book of 2018. We've assembled them below in alphabetical order of the Bookie who picked them. If you would like to know more, you can come into the store or click on the title or picture of the book to go to our website. 

#1 Bookie Anne
The Rabbit Listened
Do you like to cry? Well, you had better, because this picture book is a real tearjerker - but honestly, it contains within its pages one of the most profound messages anyone can hear. Sure, it's for children, but it's also a lesson for parents, teachers, and all other adults.

#2 Bookie
Baby Monkey, Private Eye
The holidays are all about giving, but we'll be honest, there was almost a fight over who got to put this one on their list. Easily one of our most popular books of the year, everyone loves this baby and his lack of pants!

#3 Bookie
One of the loveliest alphabet books you'll ever find. Breathtaking art combines with ingenious holes in the pages to form endless amounts of discovery for young and old alike. It's really hard to describe exactly what makes this special, so the next time you are in our store, ask to see a copy, but be warned... We will ask you to say the title correctly in exchange.

#4 Bookie
The Truest Heart
No list could be complete without the breakout hit of our year. Jayne is not only a respected educator and beloved employee of The Bookies, she was host to our biggest book launch of the year and the author of one of our biggest sellers. A perfect book about overcoming bullying, finding your strength, and showing your heart. From all of us at The Bookies, thank you Jayne for creating this amazing story and letting us be a part of it.

Another huge hit for us and as fun a story as you'll find on this list. A picture book all about a little dino who is nervous about school and how that spells a lot of trouble for her and her classmates... Her delicious, delicious classmates.

#6 Bookie
We'll let Larry's words speak for themselves.
"One book? Without hesitation, Small Moving Parts. I call this the unsung gem of the store. It's set in the modern West and it's about family and violence and heart and race and in the end, I was proud to be a human being." 

#7 Bookie Luke
There There
Picked as a 'Top Ten Best Books of 2018' by the New York Times, this is a tough but important read. While the story itself is set around a fictional robbery of a modern powwow, the characters are so richly created and the recounting of the violent history of the Native American experience so masterfully done that it reads like non-fiction. You will leave this book knowing more than you went in, but what you do with that knowledge will be up to you.

#8 Bookie
This is a vibrant and lively non-fiction book by a Pulitzer winner who has forgotten more about the four Presidents profiled - Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and LBJ - than most people will ever know. Still not sure this is for you? This is the book our beloved and respected Bookie Midge picked for this list. That should be all you need to know!

#9 Bookie
The only sequel to make it on our list is this one. A sci-fi thriller that is endlessly readable and a worthy addition to the Shusterman library.

#10 Bookie
Susan T.
Prague Spring
A spy thriller set against real events of late 60's Prague. This paperback was at the top of multiple lists and Bookie Susan T. tapped it as her favorite of the year.

#11 Bookie
The Nightingale
Before we could even finish the question, Bookie Tracy already had THE NIGHTINGALE off the shelf and in front of us as her book of the year. Set in WWI, it revolves around two sisters and their separates fights in German-occupied France. You won't be able to put it down and it will stick with you long after you finish.

#12 Bookie
Susan L.
No is Not Enough
Our final entry is another non-fiction book. It's all about resistance and activism from citizens who don't agree with the current administration. If you fit that category, then this book is for you. Referred to as a 'toolkit for stopping things from getting worse', Bookie Susan Loftus picked it as her favorite of the year.

The Game Board
Starting this issue, we're going to feature a game each newsletter to make sure you know about the best new items for your family game night!

SmartGames has done it again with another single player puzzle game that combines a famous fairy tale with hours of play. Your goal in SLEEPING BEAUTY varies depending on who you choose to play as! Are you the knight attempting to gain access to the castle? The princess trying to rescue herself? Or the giant dragon attempting to stop them both? You pick the challenge! We have a demonstration edition of this game at our front counter for you to try out, just ask us the next time you are in! You can also watch this really helpful video from SmartGames to clue you in as well!  

Did you know a new Dog Man is coming out on Christmas Eve?

Bookie Anna wants everyone to be prepared for Brawl of the Wild!
There are few series as big right now as Dav Pilkey's DOG MAN, and the latest one volume, BRAWL OF 
THE WILD, number six in the series, is coming out on Christmas Eve this year! We want to make sure all our customers who need a copy to be under the tree the next morning get one. The best way to be assured you get a copy is to reserve one with us. All you have to do is call, come in, or order on our website and then pick it up on Christmas Eve! Now remember, we will be closing at 3:00pm on Christmas Eve, so plan accordingly!

Don't Forget The Wrapping!

We know the season is busy and that few of us have time or energy to wrap our presents after a full day of shopping. So don't! Our gift wrapping is ALWAYS FREE and looks oh so lovely! Don't want to wait around for us to finish preparing all the treasures you found in our store? Don't! Answer a few questions and then leave them with us and we'll tell you when you can come back and pick them up later!

No matter what, The Bookies has you covered - we mean, wrapped - this holiday season!


Fresh Ink
Just because we've outlined some of our favorites in this issue doesn't mean we're leaving you high and dry on some of the best new material this month!

For years, fans have been waiting for anything in the Game of Thrones universe, and their prayers have finally been answered. This latest novel takes place three centuries prior to the events in Game of Thrones and fills in many blank spots in the history and knowledge of this incredible world.  
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse   
Before you even ask - yes, THAT Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Now with that answer, Bookie Larry wants you to know that the story is great! A perfect mystery for Holmes fans new and old.  

An especially relevant yarn about WWII. On the surface you may think it's just about daredevil pilots, but soon you'll find a hard look at a time when Americans were placed into internment camps, all set against a riveting mystery. Death, murder, and the discovery that some evils can never be solved. 
Fewer books have elicited more questions than this one. Made to look like a used book you would find in stores in the 80's, this tome is filled with everything you need to know about the hit show and includes a lot of fun surprises.  

Jody Revenson
The latest film from the world of Harry Potter is a hit, and this book has all the secrets behind the smash movie. Full of facts, pictures, and surprises, it's a must-have for all Potter fans.  

This book is a hard one to come by! Mainly because our loyal customers keep buying them all. Our store became aware of this charming tale when illustrator Dow Phumiruk visited us this fall and wowed everyone. Since then we keep selling out! We just got a new batch in and hope everyone enjoys it as much as we have.

A beautifully illustrated and lavish pop-up featuring prima ballerina Misty Copeland in the newest iteration of the classic Christmas tale.  


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