Happy New Year to our Eblen Charities friends and family!

A new year has begun and January has been flying by as the Waddell Client Service Center has been as busy as ever with clients for the CIP and LIEAP programs. With that being said, we are proud to take this time to show our appreciation and tell the multi-part story of our Army of Volunteers.

We are looking forward to an exciting year full of milestones and new event opportunities. Stay posted for more as we join together to make it a memorable, and exceedingly helpful 2020 while we have a little fun along the way! :)

Please feel free to forward us to your family and friends, and we thank you for all that you do with Eblen Charities! 
This Week at Eblen
Newsletter Exclusive: We are happy to unofficially announce we will once again be partnering with Jersey Mike's Month of Giving this year!

Look for our official announcement next month with full details.
Celebrating 21 years of smiles

January 10th began the 21st year of the Eblen Charities Dental Sealant Program where thirty three second graders from Leicester Elementary School received 75 dental sealants! In partnership with A-B Tech , Buncombe County Government , Buncombe County Schools , Asheville City Schools and MAHEC Continuing Education; the Dental Sealant Program will run weekly through mid-May . We are so thankful to the volunteers and staff of Eblen Charities for helping with this program!

Dolly Day, thanks to 'Cyndi Lou & the Want To' at the Grey Eagle!

Thank you to everyone who donated a coat at Dolly Day last Friday night at the Grey Eagle! And thank you to Cyndi Lou & the Want To for making this part of their concert! More than 75 coats were collected and will keep someone warm this winter!

An Army of Volunteers
Part 1: The Front Line (a.k.a., The Front Desk)
An "Army of Volunteers" is what it takes to run the front desk at Eblen.
These retired school teachers, DSS workers, nurses, bankers, business owners, school principals, telephone company employees, attorneys and even law enforcement officers come in on a weekly basis to be the first faces of Eblen. They answer questions, answer the phones, make coffee, make copies and try to explain the many facets of the programs of Eblen Charities all on a volunteer basis.
There are more than 20 people volunteering their time. This is the one position without whom, the staff would not be able to assist the number of clients that we do. It is probably the most difficult position in the office and these valuable people handle it with kindness, compassion and understanding for the difficult situations our clients are facing.

To say these volunteers are valuable is an understatement. The cost to have paid employees at the front desk would be more than $65,000 but to ALL of us at Eblen Charities they are worth 100 times that!
Thank you all for your friendship, commitment, dedication, compassion and caring! You are all a huge part of Eblen and we would not be who we are without you!

Beverly Knight, Geneva Neeriemer, Teresa Buckner, Nancy McLean (Thursday morning and afternoon)
Peggy Howell, Margaret Summey, Wilma Conner, Genie Sellers, Joyce Williams (Wednesday morning and afternoon)
Judy Testo (Wednesday morning)
Libby Gregg and Peggy Rice (Friday Morning)
Melanie Arrowood and Mary Ann McMinn (Jan Mullis not pictured) (Monday afternoon)
Robert Graeme (Tuesday morning)
"When I retired I was looking for useful ways to spend my time. A friend of mine volunteered at Eblen and suggested that I give it a try. I was aware of the ways Eblen assisted children in our county as I had retired from teaching...
I obviously enjoy what I do. The need is great and I appreciate the opportunity to help in a small way. I look forward to Tuesday afternoons and enjoy being a part of the "Eblen Family". - Jane Andersen
Jane Andersen, Carol Roberts, Pat Duncan (Tuesday Afternoon)
When asked why do I choose to volunteer at the front desk for Eblen one of our newest volunteer states - “My simply short answer is to support - in such a small way - the amazingly kind hearted, generous staff here at Eblen which allows me to see the incredibly large impact Eblen has on the lives of those in need in our community. It truly fills my cup to be a part of such a wonderful organization." - Carol Roberts
Donna and Roy Turnbaugh - Suzanne Radcliff (Friday Afternoon )
Mike McCauley (Monday Morning) and Kathy Norris (Monday and Tuesday)
Steve White & Nancy McLean (Thursday Morning)
Ann Cole and Sharon Duckett (Friday Morning)
Upcoming Events
Hoops Against Hunger at the Ingles Southern Conference Basketball Championships
Program Updates
  • The Crisis Intervention Program ( CIP ) has helped heat 1,976 homes since expanding in late October. We have spent $501,399.02 to date.

  • LIEAP: 1,688 households…$570,100 spent to date.
Contact Us
Mary Ann McMinn
mcminn120@gmail.com to volunteer.
Eddie Gumm ( Creative) egumm@eblencharities.org
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