Greetings Eblen Charities friends and family!

"Now more than ever" is probably one of the most used phrases "in these uncertain times" but it may also be the most misleading, as it implies your kindness is more important now than it ever was. On the contrary, your kindness is always important.

The donations you have provided over the years have always meant the world to our clients. Even prior to the pandemic, every donation has provided a chance for a better day, and the opportunity for a better way of life. By providing food, shelter, utilities, medical needs and more we are also building a safer and healthier community around us. With the domino effect of COVID-19, you may agree that a safer and healthier community is a good idea.

The reality is that the need is greater than ever before for a greater amount of families and the resources are fewer from which to help them with.
Every dollar you give may be as precious to you today as it is to our clients tomorrow and for that we are both grateful and blessed to have you with us because we need those dollars now, more than ever before. Even if its just a dollar, among all the dollars you are providing to help everywhere you can right now, those dollars add up for our community. One dollar at a time. Helping one person at a time. This is the Eblen Charities way. Keeping our community safe, healthy, and providing us all an opportunity for hope.

*Editors note: At the time of this writing it came to our attention that the minimum donation allowed on our website is $5. The good news is that's FIVE times as much assistance as a single dollar would provide so if everyone donates - we are already surpassing our goal we set just moments ago. :)
Please feel free to forward us to your family and friends, and we thank you for all that you do with Eblen Charities! 
And please stay safe!
This Week at Eblen
The Wicked Weed / Brad Johnson Celebrity Golf Classic 2020 at Etowah Valley Golf and Resort
Making every effort to continue the tradition safely & responsibly, while providing a much needed opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, a return to sports, friendly competition and most importantly, a chance to provide local families with assistance in this time of tremendous need - the same way we have since the beginning, over 30 years ago. A round of golf.

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Valley Springs XC Virtual Fundraiser Run For Covid-19 Relief
Raise more than four times their initial goal!

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Walnut Cove Members Association
Provides COVID-19 Emergency Grant
The Cliffs at Walnut Cove Members Association (WCMA) in response to the COVID crisis awarded Eblen Charities $22,500 in funding to provide assistance for Buncombe County residents impacted by the closures of our area restaurants, hotels and businesses.

The WCMA is a longtime supporter of Eblen Charities. The group, comprised of homeowners and corporate sponsors, provides funds for the Student clothing project annually. But “to help combat the large scale demand for basic needs and services created by the coronavirus crisis”, this group has funded additional grants to local organizations assisting those in our community most effected. Eblen Charities is very honored to be one of the groups chosen.

Funds will primarily be used for rental assistance and gasoline. This will hopefully allow people to leverage other funds as our community slowly opens back up and people return to work.

“These funds will be so very helpful to Eblen as we remain open and try to help those in our community that have been so impacted get back on their feet" , says Susan Riddle of Eblen Charities. " There are so many issues these shut downs have caused, the list is almost endless when one takes a look at the ripples this has caused. Having the ability to help people have the security of a roof over their heads and funds to help return to work and a paycheck are 2 very fundamental needs.”

Thank you to the Board of the WCMA for their financial support of Eblen Charities and the people that call this home.
This Week at Eblen
The Wicked Weed / Brad Johnson Celebrity Golf Classic 2020 at Etowah Valley Golf and Resort

The Wicked Weed Brad Johnson Celebrity Golf Classic is an annual event that has been taking place for 30 years and is one of the most important fundraisers we have to help those hurting in our community. This fundraiser is very important to Eblen Charities, as it raises much needed funds for general assistance that we use during the summer months to help families who are in need when there are no other federal funding sources available. These funds help provide rental assistance to ensure families are not evicted from their homes and power to ensure families have working refrigerators for food, electricity for an oxygen tank, or to run a fan during the hot summer months.
The event will take place Tuesday, June 9th at the Etowah Valley Golf and Resort, with some modifications due to COVID-19. 

We are thankful to the Etowah Valley Golf and Resort, Brad Johnson and Wicked Weed Brewing for supporting us as we proceed to make this event possible. Your participation is more important than ever this year. 

Etowah Valley Golf Resort is allowing us to hold the event with the following modifications: 

Only one person per cart.

No group gatherings for meals and awards
Grab and Go breakfast and lunch
Tee gifts will be handed out as score cards are turned in at the end of each round. 

We are still able to provide you the amenities of Corporate Village, hot dogs, snacks, Wicked Weed Beer and Pepsi products.

Awards will be announced via email, Facebook, Eblen's new website and in our follow up newsletter story! 

We would love to have your team or business join us this year!

For more information please contact Julie Johnson at
For those who cannot join us due to the circumstances of COVID-19, but still want to help please consider making a donation to Eblen Charities to enable us to help more people through this difficult time.

Valley Springs XC Virtual Fundraiser Run For Covid-19 Relief

On Friday, May 1st the Valley Springs Middle School cross country team held a virtual run fundraiser to help those in our community affected by COVID-19. They were also joined by runners from Koontz Intermediate and T. C. Roberson High School. Led by their coaches, Coach Harms and Coach Tager, the team started out at a goal of $1,000 and quickly exceeded that goal sprinting all the way to $4,347, more than four times their initial goal. 

Coach Harms was inspired by the Quarantine Backyard Ultra, and wanted to organize a run that could be done virtually with his team to have fun and raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts. The team members set up their own fundraising page and sent it out to loved ones to donate per mile or a set amount. Donations poured in to support the middle schoolers and by Friday, the team was ready to run at least 100 consecutive miles. They exceeded that goal as well, running more than 200 miles. Friends and family were able to join into Zoom and follow the team to cheer them on!

"I chose Eblen because even as a relatively recent arrival to Asheville I have seen the incredible work they do for local families.  It was a tremendous opportunity for our runners to help out members of the community through running and to learn that small actions can have a huge impact!" says Robbie Harms Valley Springs cross country coach

This fundraiser came at a crucial time, as more families than ever are in need of assistance with power and rent, many are new to our organization, as they have not needed assistance before COVID-19. These funds have helped us assist these local families in their times of need. 
Inspired? You too can host your own Fundraiser!
If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser, using our new Crowdfunding application, please contact Amanda Putnam at . This new program is fun, simple to use and a great way to get your organization involved in helping our local community with needs during these difficult times.

Small Donations will add up on
If you are already using Amazon, we would like to remind you that if you use AmazonSmile at  and choose Eblen Charities as your charity this is just one more way to help our community at no extra cost to you.

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Enhanced Giving Incentives for Taxpayers
Temporary Changes to Charitable Giving Laws

A key aspect of the CARES Act that directly impacts philanthropy is a temporary lifting of the adjusted gross income (AGI) limitation for cash gifts made by individuals to certain charitable organizations. Normally, an individual is limited in the amount of charitable gifts that she may deduct from her federal income taxes in a tax year. For example, taxpayers are typically not able to deduct more than 60 percent of their AGI for cash gifts made to public charities (for those taxpayers who itemize their deductions).

Under the CARES Act, the 60 percent AGI limit will not apply for charitable contributions made in cash during 2020, meaning taxpayers who itemize may deduct up to 100 percent of their AGI for qualifying charitable gifts made this year. This enhanced giving incentive applies to cash contributions only and does not apply to contributions to a donor advised fund or a supporting organization.

Further, there is a temporary above-the-line charitable deduction available for donors who do not itemize deductions on their federal taxes. The CARES Act provides for a maximum deduction of $300 for charitable contributions for taxpayers that elect not to itemize their deductions on their tax returns. As with those who itemize, the deduction does not apply to contributions made to a donor advised fund or a supporting organization.

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Eblen Charities remains open as an essential business but we will be modifying operations to abide by the guidelines of social distancing.
As much as possible, case workers - who have remained steadfast in their concern and care for the community - will assist clients via phone, fax and email.
(office phone 828-255-3066, fax 828-255-3775,

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 The Wicked Weed / Brad Johnson Celebrity Golf Classic 2020 at Etowah Valley Golf and Resort

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