Oct. 11,

No. 113

AMS Weekly Newsletter
Dedicated to the development of the future stewards of U.S.-China relations
In this week's newsletter we look toward the upcoming 19th Party Congress, contemplate the PLA's reform process under Xi Jinping, and consider Xi Jinping's emphasis on "fully displaying one's capabilities."
Weekly Readings

The 19th Party Congress commences on October 18th. Undoubtedly, party leaders are still hashing out language and massaging departmental contributions to the work report. In many ways, this party congress is where the rubber will meet the road on institutionalized succession and the power of Xi Jinping. The first essay by a retired British diplomat covers what we should expect from the work report, discussing what sections are likely to appear and how they  will be structured. For Chinese-language reading, pick one of the essays from the "高举中国特色社会主义伟大旗帜" or "砥砺奋进的五年" sections of the latest issue of Seeking Truth. These essays address critical aspects of the party's activities during the last five years or looking forward to after the 19th Party Congress.

俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

dà xiǎn shēn shǒu

Meaning: fully displaying one's capabilities

Ahead of China's "National Poverty Alleviation Day," Xi stressed that a troop of resolute workers are  at the frontlines of the country's war against poverty . He emphasized that: these workers must be cared for  politically ; their work must be supported; their livelihoods protected; and, they must be encouraged to fully display their talents.

Original: 习近平强调,在脱贫攻坚的火热实践中,涌现出一大批先进典型, 全国脱贫攻坚奖获得者就是其中的优秀代表。要发扬他们扎根基层、 敢挑重担、无私奉献、勇于创新的精神,激励各方面坚定信心、 积极行动,进一步增强脱贫攻坚合力。 基层一线扶贫工作者是脱贫攻坚的生力军,对他们要在政治上关心、 工作上支持、生活上保障,支持他们在脱贫攻坚战场上奋发有为、 大显身手。

Video of the Week 

This week's film is the recently-released documentary, 强 军,  on the PLA's reform process under Xi Jinping. Although the film is peppered with narration that might make one wonder why it is not entitled "Taste of the PLA," it also references key dates and events since the 18th Party Congress. For those who do not want to read the defense white papers or read up on military reform, it provides an introduction to China's thinking on military strategy and its dr ivers. For those beginning to research the PLA, the film comprehensively uses the formal 提法 related to military reform and modernization.

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