February, 2022
Legal Studies Monthly Newsletter
Highlighting Aaron Bray
New Professor & Returning Alum
From an early age in Bray’s life, his surrounding world felt intrinsically tied and bonded to law. “Coming up as a kid I experienced a lot of people get into trouble with the law.” says Bray. Aaron Bray 13' speaks about how his close proximity to the carceral system, through friends and family, exposed him at an early age to the deep inequalities in our criminal justice system and inspired to fight to represent those from his own community. Although his days as a youth were spent as a community peer leader, in which he got paid to provide advice and education about the law and peer pressure, it wasn’t until his time as an undergrad at Brandeis that he found a true passion for education. Under the mentorship of Professor Gordie Feldman, Bray was able to marry his passion for law and his love of teaching. Returning to his alma mater nearly 10 years after his graduation has been a surreal and amazing experience for Bray. Bray finds his time teaching very rewarding. He is happy to give back to the Brandeis community and his time spent teaching incarcerated people in Massascutes prisons is equally as enriching and challenging.
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Guess right and you can win lunch with Breen and the Legal Studies Chair!
The first 4 students who submit the right answer will be invited to the faculty club for a lunch with Profs Dan Breen and Rosalind Kabrhel!
Community Shout-Out!
Shout-out to Senior, Haley Brown, a minor in legal studies and a true force within the department. From student to teacher, Haley shows amazing adaptability and growth; we wish her the best in her final semester at Brandeis!
Clubs & Activities Updates:
Brandeis Educational Justice Initiative
The Brandeis Educational Justice Initiative (BEJI) works with a range of partners who aim to reach those currently impacted by the criminal justice system.

BEJI holds bi-monthly town halls to engage students in a range of topics surrounding topics and pressing community issues.

For more information or to get involved, contact Rosalind Kabrhel: [email protected] or Follow:
The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII- pronounced "tree") was started by a Brandeis Professor and three Brandeis Students with the goal of addressing the problem of under-representation in immigration courts.

TRII holds weekly meeting to inform the community and discuss immigration and housing issues.

On Feb 17th TRII partnered with Waltham public library to hold a public information forum on Immigration and Citizenship Rights.

If your interested in getting involved in future events like this
Brandeis Law Journal
The Brandeis University Law Journal is the only undergraduate-edited legal publication in the country that is unaffiliated with a law school. The Journal admires law school expertise, but at the same time embraces its own undergraduate status.

Arts, Journalism & Literature Recommendation:
A look at the life and ideas of Pauli Murray, a non-binary Black lawyer, activist, and poet who influenced both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Thurgood Marshall. Murray is a Brandeis alum and a true revolutionary. This trilling documentary touches on themes of gender identity, blackness in American society, and queerness in the black community. 
A firsthand look at why some people stay out of jail, why some go back, and how one state is trying to break the cycle of recidivism. With unique access inside Connecticut’s corrections system, as well as camera-phone footage filmed by the parolees themselves, the film follows four former prisoners as they navigate the challenges of more than a year on parole — from finding work, to staying sober, to parenting — and doing it all while under intense supervision from the state. 
“Sentenced” strives to integrate the voices of imprisoned people into the struggle to end cruel, inhuman, and degrading punishment in the US. The group of 14 men wrote about the experience of being held in solitary confinement. Their work communicates both the devastation and degradation that these spaces inflict upon inhabitants as well as the resilience that these men display despite surviving abhorrent conditions.
Student Recourses:
(Pre-Law Advisor)
Lauren fancies herself a wordsmith, she enjoys helping students and alumni choose how to best express themselves in different aspects of applications; whether it's for internships, jobs, graduate or law school. When you meet with her, be ready for someone to tell you like it is that works with you to strengthen skills and empowers you to move forward from wherever you are.
Amiee is the librarian for social sciences and legal studies at Brandeis. She is passionate about helping students discover new and interesting sources of information. She's a great resource for a myriad of projects, so don't hesitate to reach out for help!
(Program Administrator)
Grace is the Program Administrator for the Legal Studies Program. She joined the team in February 2021 and has been enjoying working with the faculty and the students very much. Please feel free to reach out to Grace:
[email protected]  if you have questions about declaring a minor in Legal Studies, courses or anything related to the program.
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