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A very happy New Year to each and every one of you and thank you for being a part of the expanding Diamond Light World community!


Have you noticed how quiet and still the energy seems to have been over the past few days? It feels as if there is a build up to another wave of energy that will then propel us fully into the new year. I think this kind of pattern is going to continue, with each wave becoming more intense. There is a deep and powerful current running beneath the stillness that is steadily pushing, urging us forward. My housemate, Ann said the other day that it feels like a pregnancy & right now we are in the stillness between contractions!


There have also been a number of people reporting odd aches and pains again lately. These may be likened to growing pains as we outgrow our old body with its outdated wiring and our bodies reorganise to integrate even more new energy. It definitely feels uncomfortable at times!


We often glibly talk about the analogy of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, but just pause to think for a moment about the magnitude of the change that has to take place through this metamorphic process. No wonder so many people have been known to say, "Just take me home" when the going gets tough. Where did this idea come from that it always has to be easy? Sure, we can make it easier by recognising and working with the process, but no change process is ever without discomfort.


As my wonderful Reiki Teacher used to say, "It's Simple, but simple does not mean easy to do"!! In the first few years or so after awakening, everything can seem blissful and we exist in a rose-coloured cocoon - then the real work of emerging starts! It doesn't mean we have to struggle, it simply means changing our awareness and perception, so that we know when to rest and when to expend effort or take action.


The energies at the moment are indicating a brief rest-up after the wave of energy in December, but the next wave is on its way....


This year will bring many more of these periods as the energies itensify and the waves get closer together. As the frequencies increase, the wavelength gets shorter meaning that the wave front hits us more frequently. Get ready for an awesome ride this year!! 


With this in mind, I have been busy developing a new support program for 2011 into 2012, which will help you to ride the wave, rather than ending up sand-logged on the beach! The 2011-2012 Diamond Integration Programs are active and the first Gateway Meditation will be released on 11th January. This new subscription service is focussed on helping you to integrate as much of the energy as possible from each wave.


Read about this brand new support program here,

Sign up now and receive your 11:1:11 meditation on 11th January - an amazing gateway opportunity to start off this new year.


If you felt the energy in the 333 meditation, you will really enjoy and benefit from these. The recordings are more of an experience than a simple meditation, which is exactly what they are designed to be.


There are also some great give-aways for all subscriptions taken this month, and a few lucky prize draws too.  


If you can't afford an individual subscription, then perhaps get your meditation group or spiritual circle to chip in and buy one - you can then get an added boost to the processes by doing the meditation in a group (really powerful!)


I look forward to being of service and using all that I have learned to offer you the best support I can in the coming year (and beyond!)


See you on the crest of the wave!


With love and blessings always


Julie x


PS - I was going to take down the 333 Meditation on 31 Dec, but have decided to leave it up as it is a great meditation to keep on using. Enjoy.....

Wnat's happening with the birds ? (and the fish, crabs etc)

Something really odd is going on which many of you will have seen reports of.


All over the world, since 1 Jan, flocks of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of birds are suddenly dropping dead from the sky. Many are exhibiting internal trauma, like bleeding in the chest cavity.


There have also been reports of thousands of fish turning up dead, as well as thousands of velvet crabs and starfish turning up dead on England's beaches.


Mainstream, local scientists would have us believe these are 'mass suicides', or in the case of some of the birds, fireworks giving them a shock so they fall from the sky (do they really expect us to swallow that??).


Whilst there is no consensus yet on exactly what is causing these strange occurrences - that are definitely NOT 'normal' patterns - one possible explanation could be the instability of the geomagnetic environment, impacting on their navigational ability among other things.


Susan Rennison and Mitch Battros have offered a couple of potential explanations for which could be either natural or man-made. i don't have an answer for this, but am watching events with a great deal of interest. I have a sense that our unstable electromagnetic environment could definitely have something to do with it.

Check out Susan's blog for reports and comments here

Special Links of Interest

I have been pretty busy with remote sessions and development over the past few weeks, so only have a few links for you this edition. Enjoy them...


1. I have updated the Special Remote Sessions page on my website to include more detail and some case studies & testimonials that you may find interesting. It is by no means complete, but will give you and idea of how these amazing sessions work and can benefit you!

Click here


2. This documentary video is called 'Moon Rising', and contains some thought-provoking information that perhaps you didn't know about our moon.

Click here


3. I enjoy keeping an eye on what is happening on the climate change scene as the science updates. Our climate is NOT warming - it is changing and there are bigger factors contributing to it.


Check out this report here


4. Jennifer Hoffman has some great insights into what lies in store in 2011. Read her predictions here