OPC STORM Report  
Short-Term Outreach, Relief & Missions       June 21, 2013

The 2013 Short-Term Missions Season Has Begun! 


"Therefore I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the nations,
And I will sing praises to Your name.

2 Samuel 22:50  (NASB)

Months and months of praying, planning and preparing are beginning to bear their fruit as we enter the summer months.  In late May, a team from our sister church, the RPCNA, has been working with our mission in Karamoja Uganda.  One member of the team, Stacy Muir, has been blogging about her experience.  She was excited to see their school program go from 11 kids on Monday to 95 on Friday! 
Here in the US, a team from  Covenant OPC in Orland Park, Illinois has been spending the week under Pastor Bill Welzien's tutelage.  They have had several opportunities to witness firsthand his ladder-lettering easel gospel presentations on Mallory Square at the Sunset Festival in Key West, Florida, and to receive classroom instruction from "Bible Bill" (as he is known in Key West) on the art, science, and heart of evangelism.  Linda Rapacki, one of the team leaders, reports, "All the kids have been bold to go up to strangers and start conversations."... read more
It's Not Too Late To Serve This Summer... 
5/23 - 6/25  Various ministries RP Missions team to Karamoja, Uganda
6/23 - 7/4    VBS team "Team Haiti" to Haiti
6/24 - 6/28  English for Kids team #1 to Quebec
7/1 - 7/5      English for Kids team #2 to Quebec
7/8 - 7/12    English for Kids team #3 to Quebec*
7/12 - 7/19  English Camp team to Czech Republic
7/15 - 7/19  English for Teens camping team to Quebec**
7/18 - 8/1    Disaster Response team to Japan
7/22 - 8/13  Various ministries "Team Praha" to Czech Republic

*  This team is still partial. Ben Westerveld can use 5-8 more helpers, particularly males!
** This team is "in desperate need of volunteers...particularly camping types"!  Is that you?
Please pray about serving and contact Ben Westerveld if available.
6/13 - 6/21 Evangelism Team #1 to participate in Keys Ministries in Key West, FL
7/9 - 7/16   Evangelism Team #2 to participate in Keys Ministries in Key West, FL
7/20 - 7/26 VBS Team with Venture Ministries in Zoar, WI
All Summer! Boardwalk Chapel Ministries in Wildwood, NJ***
All Summer! Various disaster response teams in Brick, NJ - thank you!!

***Here is an inspiring article on the impact of the Boardwalk Chapel, written by OPC missionary to Uruguay, Jeni Richline, who practically grew up at the Boardwalk Chapel.

**** Hurricane Sandy response work is going well, but much more work remains to get all OPC families back into their homes.  Please consider investing some of your summer serving in this way.  Contact Charlie Farrell!
Travel Insurance a MUST for Travel Abroad


Probably one of the most frequently forgotten items is travel medical insurance! Many don't realize that when they board a plane and leave their home country, there is a good chance that they are no longer covered by their health insurance.  They may be a long ways away from the local emergency room!  All members of OPC teams must have travel insurance!  There are many good companies to choose from.  Here is what I typically purchase for teams:   STM Resources
PRINTABLE STORM REPORTS:   www.opcstm.org/storm-reports/ 
David Nakhla
Short-Term Missions & Disaster Response Coordinator 
(562) 760-7606