Join us in Music City, USA for an amazing weekend connecting the MTM-CNM community to Research, Resources, and Relationship!
Hey MTM-CNM families and friends - it's time to 
Get Your Boots On!  
That's the theme of the upcoming 2017 MTM-CNM Family Conference this July 21-23 in Nashville, TN.  We sure hope you can join us - click here to register now!

As a community and as individuals, the journey with MTM-CNM can be a long and challenging one.  We have been "on the road" for some time, and there are still many miles to go.  We have held fast to the "anchors" of our strength, and pulled hard on the "oars" with great hope to get through rough waters.  Now more than ever, it is important to come together as one and prepare for the next steps.  And so we invite you all to "Get Your Boots On", whether yours are dusty cowboy boots, work boots, AFOs, or even rugged wheels on a chair.  

It's time.  Get your boots on.  See y'all there.
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