“See, I was guilty of believing there was nothing I could do to help these guests (a term the team I’m part of now uses for “homeless”). They had become part of the scenery in Portland, camouflaged into the architecture. …… These people are simply … Human. With the same problems and junk that even I struggle with.”

“Anthony Preston, a former Oregon foster child who entered the system at age 8. “This wasn’t just because of the cool clothes they provided -- which is a huge bonus -- but more importantly because of the willingness of everyone involved to rally around me and encourage me to chase after the goals I had for myself.”

"It's August and I still am telling people about what I saw and what I did back in March down there. I was really an amazing experience working hand in hand with CCI and to help clean up and rebuild a community. I wouldn't trade those memories for the world."
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“Community Collaborations made it simple and easy to serve those who needed help the most. They worked all of our site logistics and collaborated so all of our work tools and equipment were ready when we got there. Our lodging and meals were very accommodating and we owe CCI a huge thank you to helping us do what we all need to be doing anyway, serving those in need”
CC International will announce its primary disaster project based on community need sometime after the end of US Hurricane season. Site will be selected before September 30th.

"It's an amazing experience for them to grow as individuals," Raschke said. "They feel compelled to keep volunteering. They learn new interests and how they can contribute to making a difference."

"After this experience, my passion for pursuing a career with humanitarian intentions has definitely grown much stronger then I ever could have imagined. I hope to spend more of my life helping people in the way I helped them over this spring break."

Costa Rica 17
“The trip was a welcome alternative to a traditional spring break,” said senior David Wildes, a Spanish, international affairs and political science major from Valdosta. “By spending time doing service work, instead of simply going home or to the beach, I was able to experience a different culture, help make an impact in a community in need of aid and receive the satisfaction of seeing a job completed.”

We will continue working in Puerto Rico in 2018-2019
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