September 2019
2018 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics Released!
Dear Friend of DKT,

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2018 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics. Last year, 122 contraceptive social marketing programs generated 88.4 million Couple Years of Protection (CYPs), an increase of over eight million from 2017. These programs generated at least 10,000 CYPs in 65 different countries.

More statistics from this year's results:
  • 1,804,450,137 condoms sold
  • 7,164,421 IUDs sold
  • 204,621,849 cycles of oral contraceptives sold
  • 8,119,804 medical abortion combipacks sold
  • 177,072 manual vacuum aspiration kits sold
  • 17,725,577 emergency contraception pills sold
  • 1,477,978 implants sold

You can find the full report, with individual and country program data, here.

We would like to thank the partners and organizations who provided this information, and trust this is useful!

Christopher Purdy
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