Monday, December 31, 2018

Quillette's success comes from a group of writers compelled to express the truth as they see it. We couldn't be prouder of our association with so many inspiring, talented free thinkers. From the dozens, we give a special nod to these five for their stellar contribution in 2018.

Coleman Hughes
Uri Harris
Stuart Regis
Meghan Murphy
Brad Cran

As 2018 puts its coat on and finally leaves the building

We must admit the place is a mess, the climate a little chilly

Now, surely we can't fix everything, after all, we're not blank slates...


Studies show that loneliness is growing in the West. Could it be that rituals and celebrations that bring us together are the core of religion? A holiday message from Claire Lehmann.

Columnist Clay Routledge discusses the ideas in his new book in which he makes the case that we are replacing religion with ghosts, UFOs and even political cults.

A deep dive into the controversial treatment of gender dysphoria in children unveils an inescapable conclusion: doctors are winging it.

A philosophy professor explores the paradox of our need for a community that inevitably stifles our individuality.

We've been counting down the 10 most popular features of the year on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.