IAND Election Ballot 2019

Please help shape the future of the Indiana Academy 
by  exercising your member privilege to vote. 

The ballot will remain open from January 25th through February 15th .

Click on the position title to view the job description.
Click on the nominees name to read their biography and objectives.

The link to the ballot is at the bottom of the page.

President Elect (Choose one)

Michelle Bojrab Wray,  MS, RDN, CD

Laura Martin, MS, RD, CD, CPT

Salisa Lewis,  MS, RDN, CNSC, LD

Katie Shepherd, MS, RDN, CD

Delegate (Choose One)

Cheryl Armstrong, PhD, MBA, RDN, CD

Kate Capen, RD, LD, CD

Bonnie Gunckel, RDN, CD

Secretary (Choose One)

Amanda Boyer, MS, RDN, CD, CPT

Nominating Committee (Choose Three)

Dinah Dalder,  MS, RD, CD


Hannah Kelley, RD, CD

Megan Miller, MS, RD, CD

Donna Zoss, MS, RD, CNSC


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