October 26-27, 2019, San Jose, California

Due to popular demand we will be holding the SOT Research and Clinical Conference in San Jose, California this October 26-27, 2019. This conference will focus on TMJ Disorders, Dental Chiropractic Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Airway Compromise, and Forward Head Posture.

There will be clinical research presentations as well as significant hands on demonstrations. We will have the opportunity to learn from an amazing group of speakers: Drs. Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum, Kathy Cantwell, Robert Cooperstein, Adam Del Torto, Harvey Getzoff, Jeffrey Mersky, Marc Pick, Jacque Roberts, Richard Robertshaw, Jason Scoppa, and David Shirazi.

The majority of the papers accepted for this conference are later submitted and usually accepted at other research conferences and within peer reviewed journals. Contact me if you have interest, review this Call for Papers , and I will happily offer my assistance. We will be having a research poster session during the conference so if your submission isn’t accepted for a platform presentation it may well be accepted as a poster. Contact me at drcblum@aol.com for help with paper submissions.

Room is limited for this conference so please consider registering now to save your space and save money. When we reach the maximum limit registration will be closed and we expect that to be well before the conference takes place.
Significant savings are available for SOTO-USA members. If you aren’t a member yet, make sure to become one before registering for this conference.

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If you register by June 1, 2019 you will save significant money and save your spot at the conference.

For those ready for their SOT (CSP) or Cranial (CSCP) Certification Examination, we are anticipating holding certification examinatnions on Friday October 25, 2019. More information will follow in the Certification section of the SOTO-USA website.

See you soon!!!

Charles Blum, DC
Conference Chair