Welcome Back Chesley Nation !!
The 2019 Season is almost here.
How was your winter?
The past winter has been cold and long as usual. Excessive snowfall, excessive low temperatures all make for a long and frigid winter which we would all like to leave behind us. Enter Chesley's Resort..........happy times are here again. Summer weather, summer friends and summer activities. No better place to look forward to. Welcome back.
Opening Date
Chesley's officially opens on Wednesday May 1st. The power will be turned on. Water & sewer weather permitting. We will send out an email closer to May 1st regarding the status of water. We close this year on Thanksgiving Monday
October 14th.
Chesley's Restaurant .........
Thida's Thai Experience
Get ready to experience the Thai tradition of Thida's fabulous cuisine.
Opening day is not confirmed yet but, we'll keep you posted and send out an email when it's confirmed.
204-738-4859 is the restaurant phone number. Call ahead and avoid the wait.
Spring Rolls and homemade peanut dipping sauce is everyone's favorite. Try as an appetizer or take out to have with your own hot dogs & hamburgers at your site.
Deluxe Mi Krop.....The name means "crisp noodles". It is made with rice noodles and a sauce that is predominantly sweet but can be balanced with other flavours.
A healthy Thai salad for anyone that wants something light or perhaps you're on a diet and are counting calories. The perfect dish that tastes great and is good for you at the same time.
Deep fried Thai ice cream. The ultimate desert to end any meal or a late night snack. No counting calories here, but who cares!!
Picnic Shelter
Due to Planning Board red tape we could not secure a building permit last year to begin construction. We now have an official Building Permit and we will begin building this structure as soon as road restrictions come off at the end of May. It will be a fabulous addition for everyone to use in the field. Thanks to the 'Friends of Chesley's for all of their hard work.
Chuck Wagon Dinner
This year's Chuck Wagon Dinner will be held on Saturday August 17th. Please circle this date on your calendar. Customer appreciation with a great dinner, silent auction and the best fireworks you will ever see on Netley Creek. Make sure to get your tickets.
Cannabis Policy
Our policy remains the same as stated in our email sent out in July 2017.
" In the past we have ignored the people electing to light up around the campground but we feel we need to clamp down on the use of marijuana in the public common areas. There are still all kinds of children running around and all kinds of people who are strongly opposed to the use of this drug. We must respect those views and feelings and ensure that the campground remains a respectful place for everyone to enjoy." Respecting everyone's sensitivities is paramount. This becomes even more of a concern with the confined space a lot of the campsites are in.
The whiff and smell of weed does not sit well with many people. We expect anyone who chooses to 'light up' will do so in their own trailer/cabana or on their own site. We also hope that if there are children in the near vicinity or next door, there is a respect shown for your neighbors. This is still a "Family Campground" and we really want to maintain that environment and culture at all costs.
Facebook Site
Check out our new Facebook page for the business. Follow us and look for updates and information on what's
happening around the campground. We hope to streamline some of the information and policy on our own page. Visit us here!!
Darren & Alesha's Wedding
Chuck Wagon Dinner with Fabulous Fireworks!!
The best 50/50 ticket seller's you can find anywhere.
Kid's Fishing Day. A huge success !!
Annual Baseball Game
WE WON !!!
Everyone loves BINGO !!
2018 Golf Cart Parade
2018 Golf Cart Parade
2018 Golf Cart Parade
Pizza Week-end!!
Garbage Ball
Clowning Around
Kid's Games Week-end
Garbage Ball
Horseshoes Champs
Gladys (CORKY) Hastmann
Corky was a longtime resident of Chesley's. Her place was always clean and neat as a pin. She loved to share dog treats with all the people walking their dogs. Loved the birds and growing her cucumbers. RIP

Bryan (SANTA) Sanderson
What more can you say about a guy who was Santa Claus 365 days a year. An absolute legend. His infectious smile and warmth will be sadly missed. Ho Ho Ho. RIP
Wallis Kirby
A very quiet and private man whose devotion to his family was very evident in how proud they were of him. Lot 51 will never be the same. He will be missed. RIP