November 23, 2020 | Annual Appeal
-Holly Steger Stevens, 2020 Board of Directors President
You are our port in the storm.
Dear Friend,

This is my second year as president of the Board of Directors of The Caring Place. The only thing worse than having a pandemic during your second year as president is having a pandemic during your first year as president. Nobody wants to be at the helm of a previously-
perfectly-healthy, 35-year-old ship that is headed into a squall of epic proportions. Fortunately, my previous year’s experience imbued me with an adequate amount of confidence that we could weather the storm by battening down the hatches, relying on the generosity of the people of our community, and counting on an important ship -- stewardship -- to keep us afloat.

And you have.

As the sea of COVID-19 destruction roiled across the world:
  • We shuttered our stores -- the source of 65 percent of our revenue.
  • “Stay home and stay safe,” we told our nearly 500 volunteers -- the people on whom we rely so heavily as our workforce.
  • We stopped accepting donated goods -- the indispensable lifeblood of The Shops at The Caring Place and Second Helping.
  • We shifted our distribution of financial assistance from walk-in to call-in appointments -- a change that is missing an in-person, human touch.
  • We canceled our annual fundraiser, Deep in the Heart of Caring, and our holiday event, Sweets, Treats and Trees -- two fun events that garner both financial benefits and community recognition.
  • We created new ways to make food available to hungry families via our drive-through lanes.
  • We adjusted our sails when it came to the logistics of meeting needs while staying distant.

And we held our breath.

As an organization who depends on the largesse of the community, whether it is through donations of goods and food, shopping at the store, financial contributions, or grants, we worried that COVID-19 would prove to be insurmountable.

And it has not.

Like a tsunami, financial donations surged through our doors. The people of Georgetown,
government organizations, local foundations, faith based organizations, small businesses, large businesses, and other non-profits lifted us up. I am reminded of Sally Fields acceptance speech at the Oscars in 1985 when she said, “You like me!” You like us. You really like us.

And it shows.

Of course, the storm has not passed. We need you to continue to help us help others with
your financial contributions until we are full steam ahead with: our stores completely open; our donations department at the ready every day to receive your gently-used items; our volunteers back at their posts; and, our food pantry bustling again with clients.

And we know you will.

The Caring Place got its start during the stormy financial downturn of the mid-1980s. The economy was in shambles, people were losing their jobs, parents could not afford clothes for their kids or food for their families. Out of this, two women, Yoli Branson and Marty Maxwell, gave life to The Caring Place – a place where people with emergency needs could get help keeping their heads above water.

And they did.

During its beginning, my father, Charlie Steger, was The Caring Place’s first president of the Board of Directors. As a fledgling philanthropy on its maiden voyage, navigating the waters of a newly formed organization during a financial maelstrom was certainly a challenge. But he knew the people of Georgetown were a giving lot and prone to acts of kindness.

And they were.

Three and a half decades later, we are again facing troubled waters and do not know if we are in the eye of the storm or nearing the catastrophic aftermath of the surge, but mitigating the damage and meeting needs is of paramount importance. We may suffer the impact of coronavirus for months to come; we need your help. Please donate online at or send your donation to The Caring Place, P.O. Box 1215, Georgetown, TX 78627.

You are our port in the storm.

With warm regards,

Holly Steger Stevens
President, Board of Directors
P.S. In addition to your generous donation to The Caring Place, consider using these five additional ideas that can add up to big contributions, with modest effort, when we all participate:

1. The City of Georgetown Good Neighbor Fund (GNF) is administered by The Caring Place to assist folks who are having difficulty paying their utility bill. Through Georgetown Utility System’s easy online sign-up process, you can donate $1, $3, $5, or any amount on your monthly bill and can cancel at any time. That’s a simple way to make a big difference in someone’s life who has hit a bump in the road and could use some help getting warmth in the winter or coolness during our brutal Texas summers. If you are a City of Georgetown utility customer, sign up online at

2. Amazon is so easy and convenient, but did you know you can start “shopping for good” through Amazon’s charitable site AmazonSmile, The same products, same prices, and Prime benefits are available, but when you shop through the AmazonSmile link, Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchase to The Caring Place! You can track your contributions throughout the year on your AmazonSmile impact page, as a fun way to see how your shopping pays off. Directions on how to designate The Caring Place as your AmazonSmile charity are on our website at

3. The Caring Place ebay store is a great way to assuage your desire to be “shopping for good” from the comfort of your own home. Our Store Director, Ann Lind, carefully culls through donations to make sure we get the most for what you give. In our ebay store, we sell collectibles, antiques, and high-end items that reach a larger audience and generate even greater revenue to support families in crisis. Connect to our ebay store through our website at

4. You can link your Randalls Remarkable Card to The Caring Place by completing a Good Neighbor Program form found on our website, and returning it to the Randalls Courtesy Booth with the account number 13870. For every eligible purchase you make at Randalls, 1% will be donated to The Caring Place through this program. Visit for more information.

5. Donate and Shop at our thrift stores. Those of you who have shopped at The Caring Place Shops or Second Helping know that we get the best donations in Texas! When you give the things that you no longer use, you support our mission. When you buy things that someone else no longer uses, you support our mission. We call that “Shopping for Good.” Here’s a look at The Caring Place’s current donation and store hours:

The Shops at The Caring Place
2000 Railroad Avenue | Georgetown, TX
Open Monday – Saturday, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Second Helping
3700 Williams Drive | Georgetown, TX
Open Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
and by appointment at

Item donations are accepted at 2000 Railroad Avenue drive through only.
The Donation drive through is open the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Furniture pick-ups are available on Wednesday and Friday mornings. You can schedule appointments by calling 512-943-0711 and leaving a message. Find additional information at
Ready to make an impact in your community?
The Caring Place has the highest rating (four stars!) on Charity Navigator, so you can be sure that we are good stewards of your donation, too. 
The Caring Place Mission:
To provide for the basic human needs of all people in our community in a welcoming, respectful and caring way.
P. Box 1215 | Georgetown, TX | 78627-1215 | 512-943-0700
Thank you for your support!