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WASHINGTON (January 13, 2020) – The United States Census Bureau has designated the National Association of REALTORS® as a National Partner for the upcoming 2020 Census. With the Bureau seeking to enlist the support of various national organizations, NAR is asking the 1.4 million Realtors® nationwide to help drive Census participation in their respective communities.

Why is Census Data Important to NAR?

Census data are invaluable to the NAR research team. Based upon decennial census data, NAR is able to:

  • Analyze census data related to the number of homebuyers in a particular area or universe of sales;
  • Compare census data to NAR’s local and national figures;
  • Forecast and make projections about housing industry growth;
  • Evaluate trends in generational housing demands and populations at state and local levels;
  • Analyze migration trends of recent movers to identify potential customers and markets;
  • Identify trends in household formation; and
  • Better understand the population of homeowners who have been affected by natural disasters.

How Can You Help?

Start or join a Complete Count Committee in your community. 

A complete count committee (CCC) is a volunteer committee that is established by tribal, state, and local governments and community leaders or organizations to increase awareness about the census and to motivate your neighbors, friends, clients, and family to participate in the 2020 Census. 

Share the word about the upcoming census with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and clients about the Census. 

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more are great platforms to get the word out about the Census. Phone calls, emails, and text messages are highly effective too! NAR has made it easy by providing messaging that you can use.

Become a Census Taker. 

The U.S. Census Bureau is currently hiring, and will need help in conducting the count. Census workers are needed to help count individuals living in group arrangements such as on college dorms, military barracks, nursing homes, and shelters, or people who are displaced because of natural disasters. Learn more information on becoming a census taker.

Take the Census Survey. 

Beginning in mid-march 2020, households will be able to complete the census survey by mail, by phone, or online.

For additional information about the 2020 Census, please visit 2020census.gov