2020 Wrap Up
As the year comes to a close, we are reflecting on our activities and accomplishments from the second half of 2020. While so many things looked different this year, our commitment to helping students and families achieve a brighter future has never been stronger. We adapted to meet our students and families in new ways. We helped our families meet basic needs while not losing sight of equipping students and families with the long-term tools needed to achieve economic advancement. We couldn't have done this without the help of our donors, volunteers, families and community partners.

Here are the highlights of the fall...by the numbers!
94 Elementary Financial Lessons Completed
Our elementary students completed virtual lessons covering wants vs, needs, consumerism and an introduction to insurance. Students watched videos, read articles and completed quizzes with the assistance of their family members.
13 Virtual Middle School Meet-ups
Our middle schoolers gathered virtually each week using Google Meet. Lesson topics included career planning, understanding a checkbook register and completing an interest and skills assessment. We are proud of our middle schoolers for making the meet-ups a priority. Attendance this fall was at an all-time high!
8 Graduating Seniors with Long-Term Savings totaling over $27,000
The eight seniors in our program are looking to the future. We've worked together to finalize college applications and focused on the importance of a spending plan as they work toward independence. Graduating high school with savings in the bank and knowing how to manage money gives these smart seniors a leg up.
2 Shopping Days
Shopping Day is where it all comes together. Elementary and middle school students review their earnings and decide if they want to save extra or donate to a charity. Almost all students do both! Then they make a spending plan and identify their needs and wants. After shopping, students record their purchases and balance their checkbook register.
2 Virtual Family Nights including Parent/Guardian Lessons
Parents of Job students have told us they want financial lessons as well. This fall we offered two virtual lessons. Ruth Cole, Job Foundation Board Member and Unity Point Clinic nursing manager, gave a lesson on keeping families safe during the pandemic. Dupaco Community Credit Union outlined the process of securing a mortgage.
47 Winter Coats, 60 Thanksgiving Baskets and School Supplies for All
Our families are under increased financial strain this year. We are connecting them to local resources to help meet basic needs including rent assistance and unemployment services. Thanks to donors and community partners, we were able to provide school supplies for all of our students, purchase winter coats for almost half our students and deliver a Thanksgiving food basket to all families.
Thank You for Your Partnership
With the support of donors, volunteers, mentors and community partners we will realize our vision of all people achieving financial success. Thank you for donating your resources, time and talents.

Reminder: The CARES Act has changed some tax benefits for charitable donations. The act raises the charitable deduction limit from 60 percent to 100 percent of adjusted gross income for itemized deductions. If you do not itemize deductions, you can deduct up to $300 in charitable giving for 2020.

Donations must be received or postmarked by December 31st, 2020 to be considered tax deductible for this year.

There are a couple of ways to give:

  • Mail your check to The Job Foundation
PO Box 1141
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
  • Give online here:
Wishing you Happy Holidays!
We will see you in 2021
Cyd McHone and The Job Foundation Staff