April 7, 2021
The 2021 UNIAP is Now Available
Due to the current health concerns related to COVID-19, the vast majority of NJHMFA staff will be working remotely until further notice. Please contact Agency staff via their work email address. NJHMFA encourages all of our business partners and constituents to submit any and all documentation in an electronic format whenever possible as staff will continue to check email and review information submitted electronically.  
9% Application Deadlines:
Family, Senior, and Supportive Housing Cycles
August 31 at noon
Mixed Income Reserve
June 9 – August 31 at noon (rolling)
The 2021 UNIAP is now available on our website.
LIHTC Resources:
The 9% timeline and other important resources are posted. Please visit the LIHTC Resources and FAQs page.
Written questions may be sent to the LIHTC mailbox and the answers will posted in the FAQs. Project-specific questions, including document review and/or confirmation of eligibility for threshold requirements or points, are not permitted.
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