Dear friends and valued customers,

We are delighted to present to you the second phase of the cubing revolution we started a few years ago.
Following the introduction of faster and smoother cubes with up to seven layers, featuring our unique technology, we bring to you the ability to create fully personalised cubes of top quality. Use pictures of yourself, your loved ones, your company's logo and stretch your imagination to create the perfect stickerless cube for you.
At the same time we expand our product range with the release of the much awaited V-CUBE™ 8 as well as the re-engineered V-CUBE™ 6 in pillow shape.

Find details for all these exciting developments as well as links to our new, updated website below.   

In This Update
The "Create Your Cube" Revolution
V-CUBE 8 and V-CUBE 6 Pillow
V-CUBE 2 and V-CUBE 3 Stickerless
New V-CUBE website
The "Create Your Cube" Revolution

V-CUBE™ makes for the first time possible to personalize your cube at a level considered to be unattainable in the past. The V-CUBE™ 2 and V-CUBE™ 3 are used as a canvas to hold your own pictures, logos and messages. Check our updated website (www.v-cubes.com), try our innovative, purpose-made "Create Your Cube" application, unleash your imagination and make the perfect cube for you!


You can use both the classical flat shaped and the new "essential" pillow-shaped variants of the V-CUBE™ 2 and V-CUBE™ 3 to Create Your Cube. Your images are depicted straight on the cube in high quality 4-color printouts. Stickers are now a thing of the past! The whole surface of the cube is used and no borders are required. A perfect continuity between the faces of the cube is achieved allowing for themes extending over multiple faces to be realized. You can choose between a glossy or matte finishing for your product. A minimum order quantity is also a thing of the past!


Companies that look for the perfect corporate gift, designers who seek new items and surfaces to express their creativity, cubers that search new concepts to challenge them and everyone that finds the cube interesting as an object will be thrilled with the options opened to them.






Log into your profile, design your favorite cubes, share your designs with your friends, invite them to Like them and challenge them to create better ones. A whole cubing community waits to unfold before you!!! 

The design application is very intuitive and easy to use. If you need more details though you can check the tutorial video we prepared for you!

The brand new V-CUBE™ 8 and V-CUBE™ 6 Pillow are now available!

We continue to expand our product family by releasing new products based on our revolutionary V-CUBE™ Technology. We are proud to announce to you the much awaited V-CUBE™ 8, the largest cube in our product range. The V-CUBE™ 8 is exceptionally smooth, with amazing rotation and as always the well known V-CUBE™ product quality. You can find links of the product to our webstore below:

At the same time we release the new, re-engineered V-CUBE™ 6 Pillow. The new cube offers a new design on our previous flat shaped V-CUBE™  6 and features an amazingly smooth mechanism. Links for the V-CUBE™ 6 Pillow can be find below:

Stickerless V-CUBE™ 2 and V-CUBE™ 3 

Expanding on the Create Your Cube concept, we offer stickerless versions for the V-CUBE™ 2 and V-CUBE™ 3. The classic six colors are printed on the cubies resulting in a high quality cube that has great finishing and look and that does away with wearing off and replacement of stickers while at the same time keeps the same look and feel of your favorite cube. You can find links of the products to our webstore below:

New V-CUBE™ website

To support our transition to the second phase of the 21st Century Cube revolution, we have developed a new website. This new website is based on the latest technological developments and helps us provide you with all the new options that will enhance your cubing experience. More exciting developments are scheduled in the near future as well such as a new "Play and Solve" application which is being prepared to be releasedin the coming weeks.
The new website is at a state of constant development with new features being constantly added. We invite you to browse through our website and provide us with your feedback and suggestions as it would be of great help to us. Also any reports of teething problems would be much appreciated. You can visit our new website by clicking the link below:

We hope that you share our excitement about the latest developments. We will be happy to see your designs and you sharing them with your family and friends as well as hear your feedback. Stay tuned for enhancements.

Warm regards,

The V-CUBE™ Team 

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