Diocesan Annual Convention Goes Online
Saturday, November 14

While we cannot gather in person, we will gather online as the Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia to be community for one another in Jesus' name, to worship together, and to conduct the annual business of the Diocese. In addition to the usual business of electing and appointing leadership, and addressing submitted resolutions, Convention this year will receive and act on a call for the election of the 14th Bishop Diocesan. The 226th Annual Convention of the Diocese will be a one-day event.

Registration is now open here. The fee for all delegates is $75 payable by check or credit card. The final deadline to register is October 30. If you have questions regarding online registration, contact Bill Martin.

Deadlines for Resolutions and Nominations - October 27
The deadline for nominations to Standing Committee and Related Organizations is Tuesday, October 27. The deadline to submit resolutions and/or amendments to the Constitution and Canons is also October 27. For guidelines on submitting nominations and resolutions, click here.

Translation in Spanish and Korean
For our Spanish- and Korean-speaking delegates, the Convention proceedings will be translated live in Spanish and Korean.

Open Hearings Online - October 31
Zoom open hearings for Resolutions, Amendments and Budget will be held Saturday, October 31. The Resolutions Hearing is 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. Budget is 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Amendments is 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. Delegates will receive links for these open hearings.

Technical Assistance and Training
The Convention will be conducted via Zoom. Each delegate will need their own dedicated laptop or tablet in order to participate. In order to vote, you will also need to access your email during proceedings. If you do NOT have reliable internet access, please speak with your clergy. The Bishop's Office is asking all clergy to assist their congregation's lay delegates who do not have reliable internet access by hosting a safe, socially distanced hub at your church or other location with internet access. Diocesan staff will soon announce dates for training opportunities in advance of Convention.

Convention on Social Media
Bishop Goff's Pastoral Address and the Convention worship service will be posted on YouTube and Facebook following Convention. Once these videos are translated, they will also be posted in Spanish and Korean.

Stay Connected
Delegates are encouraged to bookmark the Annual Convention page of the diocesan website and check back often for updated documents and information. 
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