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What is the Size of the Average Retirement Nest Egg?
According to a 2018 Fidelity Investments analysis, average retirement-account balances are $106,500 for 401(k)s, $111,000 for IRAs, and $85,500 for 403(b)s. That’s a far cry from what Fidelity recommends most Americans save: six times their salary by age 50, and seven times their salary by age 55. Many American retirees have NO savings.

Japan's Kane Tanaka is Now the Oldest Living Person at Age 116
Tanaka, who was born on Jan. 2, 1903, loves math. She’s also a fan of the Othello board game, AP noted. Tanaka and her husband, Hideo Tanaka, had four biological children and one adopted child. The outlet reported that Tanaka’s family was at the world-record ceremony, though it didn’t specify which of her family members were in attendance at the event.

The 3 Bucket Approach to Protecting a Legacy
If your clients want to ensure a legacy for their family, have money for retirement and for other financial contingencies, try using this 3-bucket approach.

The first step in the “Legacy Protect” strategy is to segregate assets into three distinct “buckets”:

Inherited IRAs – Avoiding Tax Pitfalls with a “Stretch”
As we march on in time, more and more IRAs are being left to kids and/or grandkids. In fact, we have worked on several non-spouse inherited IRA cases just recently. These types of cases require special handling as compared to spousal IRAs. You likely know that a surviving spouse can take a deceased spouse’s IRA and in essence make it their own.

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Webinar: Cincinnati Life Worksite Marketing

Cincinnati Life

DATE: Tuesday, April 23, 2019
TIME: 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM CST

To access the web conference, please log on to up to 15 minutes prior to start time. If you are unable to log in, please call (855) 516-1410 to listen by phone. The access code is 4322591346.

When joining the webinar, please enter your email address as your name so that the presenter can follow up with you after the webinar. Contact the Cincinnati Life worksite marketing team at (844) 833-7766 with your questions about worksite marketing.
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