Newsletter No. 3                                                                January 2012



The 30-Day Challenge is ONE WEEK AWAY!


As you know, the 30-Day Challenge will begin on Tuesday, January 31st and run through Leap Day, Wednesday, February 29th.  I want to remind you that it is important for you create a personal plan and that we are aiming for long-term breakthrough in the area physical health and wellness - a lifestyle change, a new way of thinking and being.


Let's begin our journey together with developing our physical well being or intelligence (PQ).  I would like us to begin here because the body is the instrument of the mind, heart and spirit.  If we subordinate the body to the spirit, that is our appetites and passions to our conscience, we become masters of ourselves.  People whose lives are a function of their appetites and passions rather than their conscience or spirit cannot give of themselves. Their space between temptation and response is narrowed.  They lose personal freedom, thinking all the while that they are exercising it. The body is a good servant but a bad master.


Physical self-mastery and development is foundational. It is also concrete, something we can immediately do something about. We have more direct access to it; we can control it.  As we master the body's appetites and strengthen its intelligence, we'll begin to see the space enlarging between temptation and response, with all the attending positive mental, emotional and spiritual spinoffs.


Each day for 30 days, we will offer challenges and encouragement on the PLS Blog and I invite you to post your progress, questions, challenges, successes and insights as your journey continues.  You are being supported by our team and we are here to help.  We are doing this together. 


Let's get ready!  The Challenge begins in ONE WEEK!



Phil Zaldatte

Founder & President

Prolific Leadership Solutions