Rola nd Akers
We deeply apologize for the mis information in our last email blast.

We reported that Don Cameron had spoken at Roland's December 27th Celebration of Life. 

Donald did not make remarks at the memorial.

We apologize for the misprint from our social media team.

Don & Hazel Cameron's Thoughts:

"Like all of you, this has been a very emotional time for Hazel and I. Grief is hard and losing a friend takes a toll. Our friendship and bond with Roland grew around a belief in service, giving, family and mentoring.
He was through and through a community organizer, an activist, an advocate and a fighter. Even as his health began to suffer, he fought. He fought for the youth of this city, he fought for his children, his grandchildren and the community he saw as family.
Words cannot explain the deep loss Hazel and I feel ... we know he is with God; His body has left us but as Hazel said his spirit lives with us today and always.
I'm blessed to have known such a man who added to our lives in so many ways. Hazel said I still hear his voice fighting on. Now we tell him, Roland rest, we will miss you, we will meet again, and we will continue the fight for you. We will keep our family whole as we know you are whole now."

Group Mentoring - Yesler Group
Group Mentoring is a program for the 4C Coalition that is based upon a familiar idea. We believe the group dynamic will help address the shortage of male mentors.