November 2018

The Fourth Edition of Mi Mundo Magazine is Here!

From research trips to historical places, interviews and surveys, the Mi Mundo team has produced its fourth edition, where you can enjoy articles that range from unique Dominican names to places that seem like fairytales.
In this edition, 'We are Journalists', the students wrote articles about interesting places in different communities such as: Río San Juan, La Ciénaga and Puerto Plata, among others. Our journalists are eager for the community to read and enjoy their great work. A big thanks to London Trust for sponsoring this edition! 
The US Ambassador in the House!!


DREAM welcomed the New US Ambassador to Cabarete in November! Her interest in disaster relief and education serves as an important example for our children and youth. Her interview with Mi Mundo  comes out in the next issue. And, she dances a mean Bachata!!
Creating Libraries Across the North Coast
November marked the beginning of the My Very Own Library™ Book Fairs throughout the north coast. This year, the book fair's theme was traveling around the world, where students had the opportunity to participate in fun interactive activities like an author's read aloud, plays and much more. In total, the fair was hosted in eight communities, welcoming 2,092 students and donating 6,276 books. The DREAM team also hosted parent workshops at the local public schools on how to foster literacy in the home. As always, special thanks to Ace, Jennifer and Coco for inspiring our reading revolution!
Community Health Fair 
On November 24th, in commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we celebrated the Community Health Fair, "Yes to Health, No to Violence", which more than 200 people attended, receiving services from health institutions in the Puerto Plata province. The services included family practice, pediatrics, diabetes detection, dentistry, HIV / AIDS testing and a pharmacy. We also had information panels run by insurance providers, the Cabarete Fire Department and 9-1-1 Puerto Plata. For a little fun for the community, we hosted a Zumba session, a women's basketball tournament and live music. Thanks to our sponsors and participants for their collaboration and effort! 
DREAM's A Ganar Program  
in Lifestyles, Cabarete   
Our A Ganar Cabarete group visited Lifestyles to learn how their operation works and to get some tips of the trade. They visited the imperial and presidential suites and explored how the VIP and reception services work in Lifestyles. Most importantly, the visit reinforced the importance of team work. We have A Ganar graduates already working in Lifestyles Cofresi and we hope to have many more in this new project in Cabarete.
Donor Spotlight  
We are proud to call PTI our newest Ambassador, prioritizing high quality education in the DR and supporting our innovative programs. They began our relationship by donating much needed school supplies, but as PTI has grown to be one of the country's most important providers of internet and telecommunications, so has their commitment. Thank you so much, PTI! 
DREAMer of the Month  
Ariangel Cuevas
There are certain youth that take full advantage of DREAM and everything we have to offer. Ariangel Cuevas is this person! He has been involved with DREAM from the beginning. First, he was a Young Stars student and camper. As the most outstanding student, DREAM sponsored his education at Liceo Scientifico in Salcedo, a magnet school for STEM. After graduation from high school, he completed A Ganar and won a DREAM Escoje Tu Futuro Scholarship through the Thomas Rosato Foundation. And, he was just hired as the Office Manager for DREAM's Montessori program. We are proud to have him in the DREAM family.
Donors of the Month 

A special thank you to all who gave this month, including:
Jennifer Tuvell, Ace Bailey and Coco
Tribeca Pediatrics
Youth Ambassadors/Georgetown University
North Shore Land Holdings, Inc.
Chandler Joel Reedy
Guido Goldman
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Nicholas Millhouse
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Ben Meyer and Kings Ridge High School
Carey Pope 
A special thanks to our Shared Responsibility Partners!
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