Crossings practitioner, co-founder, and national teacher of trauma-informed acupuncture, Alaine Duncan, offers us a different prism to consider as we, as a community, walk through responding to physical distancing and this coronavirus.

For those of you who have experienced acupuncture at Crossings, you'll be informed even more deeply regarding this ancient and effective medicine. For those who have not experienced acupuncture, it is a new prism to expand your world view of this new reality.

As Alaine says:

Everything in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine exists as a duality. Every danger also contains an opportunity. Covid-19 is a very real and present danger to our very existence. It is not a small danger – but it is not everything.

Alongside this danger, there is an opportunity to experience a sense of world-wide connection and care.

Our lives are in each other’s hands – we know this so clearly now. I am holding the possibility that the necessity to tend the grief the world carries — and heal our Lungs –will also support the creation of a vibration rooted in this sense of connection with the world’s people.

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