MARCH 2015

Picture the future. 
Does it include a step up in your career? An intimate relationship with someone who inspires you to be your best? A balanced life that includes equal work and play?


Setting goals allows us to envision ourselves in a better place. That exciting vision then gives us the impetus to work out a plan to get there. But sometimes, the process can feel overwhelming, draining our momentum and throwing a wrench in our plans. The key to avoid getting derailed? Addressing not just potential obstacles that lie ahead but also the accompanying emotions in advance.

As a psychologist and personal coach, one of my biggest passions is helping people attain their goals. To that end, this month I blogged about my five-step process to achieving any goal. I also had the opportunity to host a special webinar on the topic -- you can watch the live event on recording, special courtesy of the professional women's organization Ellevate. I'm also excited to be leading the third annual seminar on goal attainment at Columbia University this month.

I invite you to read and share your own thoughts in the comments.


Whatever you're working through in your life, whether it's communication in your relationships or special challenges in your career, know that I'm at your service. If you ever feel inclined, you can hit "reply" to this email and tell me what you're struggling with, what's on your mind, or ask me any questions you may have. I live for helping people reach their potential, and I know you too can break through your biggest roadblocks and create the life you deserve. 


Wishing you a wonderful week,

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Chloe Carmichael, Ph.D. , is a clinical psychologist, dating coach, and the founder of Carmichael
Psychology in New York City. She specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety reduction, and her new e-course lets her clients master 
CBT techniques for anxiety  on their own schedule. She has appeared live on FOX and ABC and has been quoted by New York Magazine and Everyday Health, among others.
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'Why Am I Still Single?'

Valentine's Day tends to spur a self-evaluation that lasts well beyond February 14 -- it's during this time that we start to zero in on the kind of relationship we really want and the changes we need to make in order to obtain it. This past month, I've written several blog posts that may get you thinking: 

When it comes to love, there's no better time than now to start taking steps to create the love life you envision. 

Yoga & Emotion Workshops

Last month, I launched a new type of workshop that combines my two passions: psychology and yoga. As a psychologist and certified yoga instructor, I've seen the way each practice can transform people's lives by helping them change their thoughts and emotions. We've had a great run this season, and I'm excited to offer these workshops again in the near future!


Ever struggle with anxiety? These nine proven cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques will help you manage your thoughts and emotions so you can be more comfortable in your own skin. You can use them anywhere, from a tense boardroom to a crowded airport.

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