Canadian Farmers: Stewards for Healthy Soils

Thanks to support from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, we've been able to meet with farmers from across Canada to learn how they are incorporating the 6 Cs in their farm practices. Our video stories are starting to be shared on social media with our YouTube channel being their "home". Please check them out and share them with your network to spread the word. We'll be sharing more of these on an ongoing basis and appreciate your support.

Meet Tyler Coburn of Coburn Farms in New Brunswick who is using compost in his apple orchard. He attributes his compost as the reason to manage through times of drought.

Agriculture is also a city-thing. Urban Farmer, John Seca, is not only a champion Sicilian zucchini-grower, he feeds his family and community from his multi-crop garden, with his green-thumb secret being HEALTHY SOIL!

Disturbing the soil negatively impacts soil functions. Minimizing soil disturbance is a crucial step in maintaining soil health. Listen to farmer Randy Dykstra of Belmont Ontario who has been carefully cultivating his farmland for decades.

The start of tree care begins in the soil. Check out our interview with Ryan Munroe of NVK Nursery who uses cover crops, home-grown compost and careful cultivation to create healthy soil for their trees.

Hear how Nic Ross is using the 6 Cs to improve the health of his soils and realizing great results.

Soil care can be the heartbeat of farming. Indeed Sally & Mark Bernard are making it so. Check out their inspiring story.

Funding for this project in part has been provided by

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the AgriCommunication Program.