Sunday is a day of rest.

Add an “E” between the “S” and the “T” in the word rest and it spells RESET !

Sunday evening is your magic moment. It is the break between the weekend and the work-week ahead. The pause between rest and reset.

This is the perfect time to schedule a meeting with the CEO of your life, YOU!

Your Sunday Success Strategies begin with a 60-minute commitment of your time every Sunday night to create and execute a meeting with yourself. Calendar this meeting with yourself just as you would any other meeting in your life. Make this commitment a habit, and it will support you in taking your intentions into action mode one small step at a time! This one-hour reset will alter the next 167 hours in your week, adding purpose, productivity, meaning, balance, and ACTION into all aspects of your week.

End your weekend with purpose and pivot into the week ahead strong and empowered! Consider this an invitation to invest in not just setting but in getting your goals.


Set aside one hour on Sunday night and do this:

·         Get Quiet: Begin your reset with a quick reflection on the events of the past week. What went well? What did not? How do you feel about the week you are completing? What do you wish was different?

·        Create a Success Inventory: What were the highlights of the past week both personally and professionally? What put a smile on your face? Create a blueprint for what worked and for where gratitude and growth deserve to be noted and celebrated. This quick personal inventory exercise will recap small and large wins so that you can lean into your successes and create positive positioning for the next 7 days.

·        Rewrite Excuses : Create a What Can I Do solution empowered outlook. What story do you want to be telling yourself? Fear based, or joy based? The choice is yours. Write down the excuses or obstacles that got in your way last week and may continue to concern you in the week ahead. Let the real or imagined flaws and fails reveal themselves. Replace the reasons you are saying “No, I Cannot Do This” with “Yes, I Can Do This If ” and let the power of this new “Yes I Can Do This “ If ” list lead you forward! What can you now do once you let go of what got in your way? Where can you reset a potential problem with a take-action-now-solution?

Take this exercise one step further. Make the impossible possible. Read your excuses out loud in front of a mirror and then throw them away, destroying the evidence. Make your “Yes, If ” list come to life this week.

·       Manifest What You Most Want to Occur in the Next 168 Hours : What is one thing that you really want to happen this week in your career and in your personal life? Reset your intentions based on what worked and on what did not from the week or weeks prior. What can you do over the next 168 hours to create changes and to pivot toward the results that you seek? Make a list of next steps. Circle the most important aspects on your list.

·       Calendar and Commit to Action: Take all that you circled from the list above and work it into your calendar in some small or large aspect over the week ahead. This is your commitment to yourself. Take out your cell phone or computer and create that destiny. Send the text, buy the ticket, email the response, hire the sitter, find the carpool, and block out the time .
This is where this 60-Minute Sunday Reset allows you to pivot toward success and to choose to make your Sunday Success Strategies not only actionable but achievable in the week ahead.

Your ability to decide NOW to leverage your legacy and take control of your week is in your hands to execute. Making this come to life on your calendar as well as backing it up via the tickets, purchases, and team you need to take action, will enable you to take ownership of your success, balance your life, and add happiness to your week.
Rinse and repeat this exercise next Sunday and every Sunday afterwards. Trust me, you are worth the 52 hours outlined here. It will change your life!

If you enjoyed this exercise, The Personal Success Accelerator System will support you in building out the idea of a Sunday Reset and in making success a habit and a muscle that you utilize and expand upon into 2020 and beyond! 

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