912 Patriots of Lower Bucks

912 Patriots of Lower Bucks
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Hello Patriots,

Friday was November 5, the one year anniversary of the Emergency House Call in Washington D.C. Those of you who traveled to Washington with me remember the frustration when reaching Congressman Murphy's office and finding that he was back in Bucks making use of our healthcare system, as he and his wife were delivering their second child.

On that day, we wasted many hours, talking to young interns and staffers who knew nothing of what was about to be done to we the people of this country. We made a promise to them that day, which we had also made when Congressman Murphy voted for Cap and Trade that We will do whatever it takes to make sure he does not serve another term if he votes for Obamacare.

Thanks to all of your hard work leading up to Tuesday's historic election, we have kept our promise. The result of this election will hopefully be that there will be no additional wounds inflicted on the freedoms delineated in our Constitution; no more infringements on the rights of individuals and their local communities to govern themselves.

Jobs were not the entire focus of this election. Not for those of us who worked so hard for conservative candidates. Jobs are the result of a stable, predictable free market that allows people to invest their capital with confidence. This will create new jobs and boost the economy. This requires less government intervention, less taxes and fewer big initiatives of the Federal Government (regardless of the good intentions).

The election on Tuesday did not, and may not be able to repair the damage that has already been done. Rest a bit, you deserve it, but know that our work is far from complete... It is just beginning.

*The 9/12 Patriots of Lower Bucks will resume our regular monthly meetings in January. Enjoy the holidays but stay vigilant. Spend some time thinking about how you can get more involved in the preservation of our Republic. There are many avenues to take and many great organizations (both local and national) that you can work with. We all welcome your skills, strength, time and support moving forward.

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God Bless you all,

Matt G
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9/12 Patriots of Lower Buck County

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