Volume 62
June 2, 2021
Snapshots, For the Better
  • Useful Insights, Past and Present
  • ABC’s
  • Targeted Mail Postcards
  • Just Make a Note of It

Dedicated sharing of Practice Growth Insights motivates productive progress, from co-creating strategic plans and educational content, to developing best practices which empower, in the inspiring words of Seth Godin, “people like us to do things like this.”

While consistently sharing new Insights, with many new readers and in the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, occasionally it makes sense (and is fun) to rediscover prior issues which speak directly to our current strategic narrative.

Since initially published a year ago and in numerous brainstorming sessions about medical referrals, our ABCs issue has been a high-impact catalyst. For those seeing it previously, with all that has occurred since then, we encourage a healthy refresher. For new viewers, we are confident your careful review will be time well-invested.

Like all well-planned initiatives, nurturing Physician Referrals needs a sensible starting point and logical flow. Please explore our June 3, 2020 issue and in particular, revealing links to:

  • ABC’s Prioritization Construct
  • Physician Visits, Say Thanks with Fun and Flair
With ABC priorities determined, even with mutually time challenged schedules, periodic visits are suggested. To deliberately promote top of mind awareness with all contacts, it is essential to Educate Well Monthly.

By popular demand, our targeted mail postcard program was introduced in this prior issue. Those familiar understand why our comorbidity collection and turnkey solution have stamps of approval from those intent on increasing physician referrals. You too should be In the Know…
… and one more thing, as another nice touch, in practice and in community, our Better Hearing is Better Healthcare, “Please make a note of it” notepad will keep your practice brand in sight daily. This practice awareness solution is Write On…
Let’s Talk about how our collaborative efforts will help you to confidently grow medical referrals. By learning together and capitalizing on proven educational programs, your Practice Growth by Design will organically accelerate. Simply email me and we will brainstorm at your convenience. 
To continue our Outside In practice growth journey, we pivot to our 2nd Strategic Cornerstone, Senior Living Communities. Healthy Hearing, Better Living is our theme and helping residents in need to enjoy optimal quality of life is our mission. While the widespread need for trusted advice and empathetic care is evident, who will effectively fulfill it? Your high-integrity practice should lead the way, establishing valuable incumbency. Let us be early birds and get started next week…
Bruce Essman
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