Quarterly Newsletter | September 2019
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Member Profile:
Russi Egan, VP of Administrative Services, Lake Tahoe CCD
Russi Egan is the Co-Coordinator of the successful Admin101 Program, and is never one to miss an opportunity to promote ACCCA. Since she joined ACCCA, she has brought many colleagues through our training programs and encouraged their volunteerism in ACCCA. For her efforts she was recognized as ACCCA's Volunteer of the Year in 2018.

1600 Strong Membership Campaign:
Be the One
Over the next two years, ACCCA will add an additional 400 members, one colleague at a time. A bigger, better ACCCA means more connections, more opportunities, and more resources to enhance the benefits and programs you already enjoy.

What we know from our 45 year history is that people join because members share their ACCCA story and invite their colleagues.

Will you Be the One that invites a colleague and changes a career?

Professional Development Round-Up
45th Annual Conference
Leadership by Design
February 26-28, 2020
in Riverside, CA
ACCCA’s amazing conference planning team is looking for breakout session proposals that are relevant and relatable to the ever-changing needs of administrators and we’re counting on you to take a moment and let us know what you want to see when you get to Riverside in February!

Leadership by Design is a concept that addresses the unique administrative experience in California’s community colleges in a structural and organic way, so grab your hard hats and let’s start building! Here is the construction plan…sessions should fall into one of four areas: Your Personal Blueprint, Creating a Solid Foundation, Designing a Master Plan, and Hard Hat Required.

If you have an idea and aren’t sure how it might fit into the conference - please submit it and we’ll help you!   The deadline for all submissions is Friday, September 20, 2019.
ACCCA Summer Programs Continue to Thrive
At ACCCA, summer means outstanding professional development that is designed by administrators, for administrators ! Our traditional summer programs— Admin 101 , Admin 201 and the Great Deans program—served over 140 participants this summer and addressed their need for skills development curriculum and leadership training.  Find out about them here.

These programs are curated to train current and future management leaders in the California community colleges in core technical and leadership skills. Applicants for ACCCA programs are thoroughly vetted to ensure the training meets their level of need.

Every effort is made to accommodate all applications, however, demand is high for each of these programs, and capacity is limited to maximize the effectiveness of the training. 

If you are interested in any of the programs detailed below, go to the ACCCA web site to access the program’s “interest list” which is available year round to sign up for advance notification of open enrollment for the program you select. This allows you the opportunity to decide if the timing or content of the program you’re interested in works for you before general promotions for that program are released to the system. 
Highlights from 2019 Summer Programs
Administration 101
July 21-25, 2019
in Irvine, CA

Now in its 19 th year, the ACCCA Admin 101 program has become the essential training program for administrators new to their positions and new to the state. The program provides a comprehensive “nuts and bolts” exploration of community college management as it is performed in California for 72 participants that represent a variety of areas of college operations.

Great Deans Program July 9-10, 2019 in Sacramento, CA

The 2019-20 Great Deans program inducted 40 participants into the year-long program featuring a kick-off event in Sacramento in July to be followed by three regional sessions throughout the year (October 4, November 1, and a final graduation session at the Annual Conference on February 25, 2020). 

Administration 201: Transformational Leadership Program July 14-18, 2019
in Sacramento, CA

The 2019 edition of the Admin 201 program took cues from its 2017 curriculum, but this year planners incorporated new compelling content including
a unique case study exclusive to the program.

Affiliate Shout Out
ACHRO/EEO—the Human Resource Professionals Organization for California Community Colleges

California community college chief human resource officers, and HR/EEO personnel throughout the system, have relied on ACHRO to be the strong and vibrant coalition they need to represent their specific interests for decades. ACHRO-EEO is also a powerful ally of ACCCA, and one that we look to for guidance in matters of policy and process, employer/employee relations and ensuring equity and diversity in hiring.

ACHRO leads the way in training specifically for HR personnel to ensure that the system’s faculty, administrators and staff are ethically and fairly supported in the work they do for our students every day.

Benefits of Membership
Which ACCCA membership benefit consistently ranks #1 on the member survey year after year?
Before we reveal the answer, are you a member who takes the survey and thinks, “ I had no idea I got all these benefits included in my ACCCA membership!”? Many people receive so much information when they first join ACCCA they overlook how to access our incredible benefits. In each newsletter issue, we will highlight a specific benefit, so you can start making the most of your membership today.

Now for the answer— the #1 ranking benefit as voted by members in our annual survey— your $1 million in professional liability insurance protection. These benefits are courtesy of our affiliation with ACSA, the Association of California School Administrators and their relationship with Keenan and SASS (School Administrators Special Services.) Remember, all of these benefits are included in your membership.

ACCCA Business Member Profile
Alliant International University
Alliant prepares students for professional careers of service and leadership. Our online Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership and Management Degree Program prepares you with the skillset you need to advance your career in educational leadership and administration. ACCCA members are eligible for a 15% tuition savings for our October 2019 cohort.

Events Calendar
Key Upcoming Dates:
Board of Directors Meeting 9/12/19
Call for Proposal Deadline 9/20/19
Newsletter Submission Deadline 11/25/19
ACHRO Conference October 23-25
ACBO Conference October 28-30
CCLC Conference November 20-22

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