ACMF Scholarship Recipients shout out
ACMF scholarship recipients are studying online.
Listen to a “shout out” from a couple of them.
Shante Pearson (Bahamas)
Glenardo Simpson (Jamaica)
Firstly, I hope that you are all doing well and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. I am inspired by, and grateful for, the heroism of front line workers, hospital cleaners, transportation workers, grocery store staff, medical professionals, and those who have, in no uncertain terms, put themselves in harm’s way to serve the public and save lives. Incredible!!!

The COVID-19 pandemic, among other things, brings to mind, Bob Dylan’s iconic song, “The Times They Are A-Changin'”. The new landscape for non-profits will reward creativity and resilience—skills and traits that are at the heart of human evolution.

We are all in this together. Three traits keep coming to my mind: Creativity, Innovation, Resilience, and all our organizations will need a good dose of each in order to move forward.
Behind the Scenes
The ACMF is focused on reducing the impact of the pandemic on our scholarship recipients and ensuring that we are able to keep our commitment to our current batch of scholarship recipients.

We are also learning new ways of achieving our mission of alleviating poverty and transform lives in the Caribbean through maritime education and community development.

We can’t thank you enough for your support.
ACMF Anchor Awards in the Fall
ACMF ANCHOR AWARDS… will be going virtual.

Keep an eye out for further news on this front.
Hear from our scholarship recipients
Here’s what our scholarship recipients are up to as they are studying online in Jamaica as a result of the pandemic:
Shante Pearson (Bahamas)
BSc Candidate, Marine Transportation
Caribbean Maritime University
2019 ACMF Scholarship Recipient

Glenardo Simpson (Jamaica)
BSc Candidate, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Caribbean Maritime University
2018 ACMF Scholarship Recipient

Stay safe!
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