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August 29, 2019
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Western Attorneys General Lead Effort Urging the Administration to Withdraw Water Supply Rule
Attorneys General Wayne Stenehjem, Lawrence Wasden and Jason Ravnsborg are leading a bipartisan group of CWAG Attorneys General in urging the Trump administration to instruct the Army Corps of Engineers to comply with state water laws and withdraw its proposed Water Supply Rule that would usurp the authority of the states over their own water. “In the ‘Water Supply Rule’ (“Rule”), the Corps seeks ‘to update and clarify its policies governing the use of its reservoir projects pursuant to Section 6 of the Flood Control Act of 1944 and the Water Supply Act of 1958.’ 81 Fed. Reg. 91556. The ‘policies’ of the Rule, however, are directly contrary to the express congressional policy declarations in these same statutes. In both the Flood Control Act of 1944 and the Water Supply Act of 1958, Congress specifically and unambiguously declared that the Corps’ water supply operations are subject to state law. If allowed to take effect, the Rule would effectively override these express congressional declarations, usurp the States’ exclusive authority to guide their water allocation and development, and eviscerate cooperative federalism principles that Congress has expressly and repeatedly reaffirmed.” Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming Attorneys General are cosponsors of the letter.

“Congress and the courts have repeatedly held that the states are in the best position to manage their own water resources for their citizens,” Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said. “We stand ready to engage with the Corps in a collaborative government-to-government discussion on how to address our respective interests, but the first step of that discussion must be withdrawal of this unlawful proposal,” he continued.
State Organizations Join CWAG in Opposing the Corps Water Supply Rule
CWAG, the Western Governors’ Association, the Western States Water Council and the National Water Supply Alliance collectively issued a letter opposing the Corps of Engineers Water Supply Rule. In addition to reiterating the substantive concerns expressed in the CWAG Attorneys General letter, the Coalition expressed concern about “the process under which the Proposed Rule was developed.” The Coalition state that: “The Corps has failed to engage with states in meaningful government-to-government consultation throughout the development of the Proposed Rule, even after extensive comments calling for such consultation were submitted to the Corps’ docket. Executive Order 13132, Federalism, requires federal agencies to, ‘have an accountable process to ensure meaningful and timely input by State and local officials in the development of regulatory policies that have Federalism implications.’”
Nevada Attorney General Ford Continues Fight Against Illegal Robocalls With 51 Attorneys General, 12 Companies
August 22, 2019

Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford announced an agreement to combat illegal robocalls as part of a bipartisan, public/private coalition of 51 attorneys general and 12 phone companies. As part of the agreement, the phone companies have agreed to adopt eight principles that will help protect phone users from illegal robocalls and make it easier for attorneys general to investigate and prosecute bad actors. Going forward, phone companies will stay in close communication with the coalition of attorneys general to continue to optimize robocall protections as technology and scammer techniques change.

The coalition of attorneys general includes all 50 states and Washington D.C. The 11 companies include: AT&T, Bandwidth, CenturyLink, Charter, Comcast, Consolidated, Frontier, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon and Windstream.
Washington Attorney General Ferguson: State Opens Claims Process for Guests Seeking Restitution in Motel 6 Data Privacy Breach
August 28, 2019

Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced the claims process is now open for more than 100,000 guests whose private information was released by national hotel chain Motel 6 without their knowledge or consent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Those individuals are eligible for their share of the $12 million resolution that resulted from Attorney General Ferguson’s lawsuit against Motel 6.
DEA Says It Will Expand Marijuana Research, Ending Years of Delay
CBS News
August 26, 2019

The federal government is taking steps to improve access to legal marijuana for medical and scientific researchers, with the Justice Department announcing Monday it will take action on long-delayed applications to expand the number of entities certified to grow marijuana plants.

Two days before a deadline to respond to a lawsuit brought by researchers, the Drug Enforcement Administration filed a notice in the Federal Register acknowledging dozens of applications from potential growers. DEA Acting Administrator Uttam Dhillon said the agency is "making progress in the program to register additional marijuana growers for federally authorized research, and will work with other relevant federal agencies to expedite the necessary next steps."

The DEA said it plans to propose new regulations for growers before making a determination about pending applications.
Jersey Mike's Will Pay $150K to Resolve Washington Attorney General Ferguson's First No-Poach Lawsuit
August 23, 2019

Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced that restaurant chain Jersey Mike’s will pay $150,000 to resolve a lawsuit over its use of no-poach provisions. The company will not add provisions to new contracts and will remove provisions from all of its franchise contracts nationwide, benefiting thousands of workers across the country.

This resolves the first lawsuit by a state attorney general against a company for its use of no-poach clauses.
Oklahoma Attorney General Hunter Celebrates Major Victor for the State after Judge Issues $572 Million Judgment in Opioid Trial
August 26, 2019

Attorney General Mike Hunter commended Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman for ruling in the state’s favor and ordering Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries to pay $572 million to abate the ongoing opioid epidemic in Oklahoma.

The judge’s ruling is the first of its kind in the country to find an opioid manufacturer liable for the harm caused from the opioid crisis in the United States.
Attorney General Moody Names Appointments to Statewide Task Force on Opioid Abuse
August 27, 2019

Attorney General Ashley Moody appointed three Floridians to the Statewide Task Force on Opioid Abuse.

Florida’s Statewide Task Force on Opioid Drug Abuse will:
  • Study the cost of the crisis on state and local governments;
  • Identify available programs that have been successful in combating opioid abuse;
  • Work to better understand the sources of addiction;
  • Explore whether there is need for additional regulatory activity; and, among other things,
  • Evaluate and identify ways to reduce the demand for opioids and decrease the supply.
Montana Department of Justice Announces Grants to Fund Wishes of Seriously Ill Children
August 28, 2019

The Montana Department of Justice announced the availability of $24,000 in Chrome for Kids Wish Fund grants. These funds are made available through a special Chrome for Kids motorcycle license plate used to fund efforts by Montana-based nonprofit corporations which grant wishes to chronically or critically ill Montana children. 
Hawaii Attorney General Connors Joins Bipartisan Coalition Seeking Congressional Support for Autism Services
August 28, 2019

Attorney General Clare E. Connors announced that she is joining a bipartisan coalition of 47 attorneys general calling upon Congress to authorize the Autism CARES Act of 2019. This legislation provides ongoing federal support for research into autism spectrum disorders (“ASD”) and services to those affected by these conditions. The coalition is co-led by Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill and Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood.
4th Annual Attorney General Rosenblum’s Elder Abuse Conference – October 28-30, 2019

Attorney General Rosenblum's Fourth Annual Elder Abuse Conference will take place at the Salishan Spa & Resort in Gleneden Beach, Oregon starting with an optional happy hour on Monday, October 28, 2019 at 4:00 PM and ending on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 12:00 PM (PST).

This a ​comprehensive ​conference ​for ​law ​enforcement, ​district ​attorneys, ​deputy ​district ​attorneys, ​U.S. ​Attorneys, ​Adult ​Protective ​Services, ​medical ​professionals, ​and ​individuals ​employed ​by ​federal, ​state ​or ​local ​governments.* Attendees will receive:
  • More than 10 hours of in-depth training from experts (CLE, CEU and DPSST credits are pending)
  • Extensive networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Two breakfasts
  • One lunch
  • Snacks and beverages

The ​cost ​to ​attend ​is ​$150 ​a ​person ​and ​does ​not ​include ​lodging. ​A ​block ​of ​rooms ​have ​been ​reserved ​at ​the ​Salishan Spa & Resort. ​ To reserve a room at the Resort, please visit the conference website or contact the Resort directly at 1-800-452-2300.

*If ​you ​are ​NOT ​a ​government ​employee ​and ​would ​like ​to ​register ​for ​the ​conference, ​please ​contact ​Ellen ​Klem ​at ​ .
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