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January 3, 2020
CWAG Chair, New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas announces his 2020 Chair's Initiative, focusing on using technology to strengthen our economy and improve the delivery of justice. Please mark your calendars and prepare to engage in a dialogue on these important topics! Full Initiative Overview and Draft Agenda links below.

To find complete details about hotel accommodations, suggested transportation use the following link  CWAG-AGA 2020 Chair's Initiative Registration Site .

Registration Now Closed

**Our Room Block at the Eldorado is now sold out. Kindly let us know if you'd like to be added to a waitlist. We recommended you secure a room at any of these nearby properties:

For any logistical questions related to panels, travel or hotel, please contact Andrea Friedman at or 949.751.8634.
CWAG-AGA and Thomson Reuters Present:
Tuesday, January 7th, 2020
11- 12pm MT
Event Registration: GoToWebinar
Webinar ID: 334-991-123

*Webinar will be live at the time of our scheduled event. Please register with GoToWebinar beforehand to participate. Audio call instructions are listed below.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser invites Attorneys General, staff, and any interested parties to join in a webinar titled, “Cybercrime and Ransom Requests.” Please find full host, moderator and speaker details below.
During this webinar, General Weiser will lead a focused discussion of proactive ways in which law enforcement and Attorneys General’s Offices can work together to systematically combat cybercrime, address ransomware, and implement effective cyber incident response plans.
Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General 
Gina Jurva Esq., Attorney & Manager, Thomson Reuters Thought Leadership Enterprise
Tim Murphy, CEO/President, Consortium Networks & former FBI Deputy Director
Melodi Gates, Senior legal Editor, Privacy & Data Security, Thomson Reuters
Articles on topics relevant to the work of Attorneys General.
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Opioid Crisis Concerns Spread to Data Privacy
David Blake, Squire Patton Boggs
January 3, 2020
In a recent ruling by opioid MDL Judge Dan Polster, 14 years of patient’s prescription data has now been ordered released by the nation’s largest pharmacies to the thousands of plaintiff’s in the landmark Ohio based opioid MDL litigation. Attorneys General are not formally parties to the MDL litigation but as the nation’s privacy champions have yet another reason to care about the MDL litigation is impacting their constituents. Attorneys General, law enforcement, health care privacy advocates, privacy advocates have all feuded for years – usually in the PDMP context – to keep exactly this same information from being data mined or released to anyone except when the information is narrowly tailored and court overseen. This latest order implicates literally billions and billions of patients health records. 
Oregon Attorney general Rosenblum Announces $4 Million Settlement with CenturyLink
December 31, 2019

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum announced a $4 million settlement with the global telecommunications company CenturyLink for engaging in deceptive advertising by door-to-door salespeople, deceptive billing practices, undisclosed fees, and failing to apply promised discounts to customer accounts. Since 2014, Oregon DOJ has received more than 1,200 consumer complaints about CenturyLink.
After Florida Attorney General Moody Pushes for Action by Congress, President Trump Signs TRACED Act
January 2, 2019

After Attorney General Ashley Moody pushed for action by Congress, President Donald J. Trump signed the Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act. The TRACED Act is designed to reduce the number of illegal robocalls and stop spoofing—the practice of using technology to disguise a caller’s phone number. 

In March, Attorney General Moody joined a multistate bipartisan group of 54 attorneys general in sending a letter to the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation in support of the bill.
Washington Attorney General Ferguson Sues Opioid Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson Over State's Opioid Epidemic
January 2, 2020

Attorney General Bob Ferguson today filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, one of the largest suppliers of the raw materials used to produce opioid pain medications, accusing the multinational company of playing a key role in driving the entire pharmaceutical industry to vastly expand the use of prescription opioids.
D.C.’s Attorney General on Big Law and Building Coalitions
Karl Racine talks about his role as the district's AG, and his former position as managing partner at Venable
December 30, 2019

Under Racine, the D.C. Office of Attorney General has prioritized action in areas like consumer protection and juvenile justice system reform. The office also hasn’t backed down from high-stakes litigation, even when the opponent is the president of the United States. Racine recently spoke with National Law Journal Editor-in-Chief Lisa Helem about his work as D.C. attorney general and his leadership path at Venable.
California Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board Releases Third Annual RIPA Report
January 2, 2020

The California Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board (Board) today announced the release of the third annual report required under the Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015 (RIPA). The report contains an analysis of the approximately 1.8 million stops conducted by California’s eight largest law enforcement agencies during the second half of 2018. The report also examines civilian complaint data and provides recommendations law enforcement can utilize to enhance their policies, procedures, and trainings on topics that intersect with bias and racial and identity profiling. In addition to the Board’s new report, the California Department of Justice is announcing the launch of a new online dashboard to give researchers, legislators, journalists, and all members of the public greater access to RIPA data.
AGA Sends Our Sympathies to California and Louisiana Attorney General Families

Our deepest condolences go out to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for the passing of his father, Manual Becerra, and to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, for the passing of his mother, Edna Bienvenu Landry.

May the warmth of family, friends and memories provide needed comfort during these difficult days.
Condolences honoring Manuel Becerra can be sent to:
Attorney General Xavier Bexcerra
Attn: Reina Orellana
1300 I street 
Sacramento, CA 95814
Condolences honoring Edna Bienvenu Landry can be arranged using the link below.
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