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January 30, 2020
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Data Privacy Day: Oregon Attorney General Rosenblum Launches “Do Not Click” Campaign
January 28, 2020

In commemoration of Data Privacy Day (January 28, 2020), Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum released a “Do Not Click” campaign to educate Oregonians about staying safe online. She is hoping to alert people to the dangers of clicking on links that appear to be legitimate—but are not. Scammers may pretend to be an official organization, bank, business or a familiar person in order to obtain sensitive or confidential information either through a text message or an email. These “phishing” scams usually target a bank account number, credit card number, password or user names.
Colorado Attorney General Weiser Prepared Remarks: Conference on Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance Toolkit for Small Businesses at the Colorado Department of Law
January 28, 2020

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser hosted the Colorado Department of Law's Conference on Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance for Small Businesses this week in Denver. Please find his conference remarks below.

"I want to thank all of you for joining us at the Colorado Attorney General’s Office for an important discussion on cybersecurity and data privacy. Today is, as many of you know, National Data Privacy Day. Please join me in thanking the Attorney General Alliance, and the National Cybersecurity Center for co-sponsoring this conference. You are both great partners and a pleasure to work with.

In my remarks, let me touch on a few important themes we are all wrestling with as we face a new frontier. First, let me discuss why I think data privacy and cybersecurity presents a unique set of challenges. Second, let me discuss a bit about what Colorado is doing in this area. Finally, let’s talk a bit about the challenges of finding qualified personnel in this field, particularly in the public sector."
Attorney General Brnovich Announces Settlement with Live Nation Regarding the Ticket Broker’s Consent Decree Anti-Competitive Violations
January 27, 2020

Attorney General Brnovich announced that the Department of Justice (DOJ), Arizona, and several other States, negotiated an Amended Final Judgment with Live Nation after it was uncovered that Live Nation allegedly violated terms of a 2010 Consent Judgment by engaging in retaliation and conditioning activities. The Amended Final Judgment should be entered by the Judge in the near future. The Amended Final Judgment was filed Friday night.

In 2010, Live Nation notified the DOJ of its intent to merge with Ticketmaster. DOJ, along with several states, identified a number of anti-competitive concerns with the original merger. Specifically, prior to the merger, Live Nation had a newly-created ticketing service that competed with Ticketmaster, but post-merger, the loss of competition could result in higher ticketing fees and less innovation. Also, the combination of ticketing and promotion services could make it difficult for small firms to compete for primary ticketing services.
Consumer Alert: Idaho Attorney General Issues Warning Regarding FedEx Scam
January 27, 2020

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden is asking Idahoans to be on the lookout for a text-based scam connected to the worldwide shipping company FedEx.
Potential victims receive a text, purportedly from FedEx, with a tracking code and a request to set delivery preferences. The text includes a link that, when clicked, takes the user to an Amazon listing with a customer satisfaction survey that promises a reward. If fully executed, the scam ends with customers inadvertently signing up for expensive services they’ll be billed for later.
The ploy highlights an increase in text-related scams.
Nebraska Attorney General Peterson: 3D Consumer Alert: Dietary Supplements, Weight Loss, and Gym Memberships
January 28, 2020

For many Nebraskans, a new year means a new you through resolutions to lose weight and get fit. Consumers spend billions of dollars annually on untested and often ineffective health products. Be skeptical regarding miracle health products. They likely are a waste of money and, without a doctor’s guidance, may even put your health at serious risk.
Arizona Attorney General's Office Providing $300,000 in Community Grants to Survivors of Human Trafficking
January 27, 2020

Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that the Arizona Attorney General's Office is providing $300,000 in new community grant opportunities to organizations that provide support services and shelter to survivors of human trafficking. During the 2019 legislative session, the Attorney General’s Office worked with Representative Shawnna Bolick to secure funding for the anti-trafficking grants.
Victory for Puget Sound: Navy Signs Legally Enforceable Agreement to Stop Polluting Puget Sound With Ship Scrapings, Take Steps to Prevent Additional environmental Damage
January 29, 2020

Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced a court order requiring the U.S. Navy to stop scraping the hulls of decommissioned ships in a way that releases metals and other contaminants into Sinclair Inlet near Bremerton. The Navy must also begin a multi-million dollar project to reverse the environmental damage caused by scraping decades of marine buildup off the hull of a ship.
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