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Bringing Students, Faculty, Industry, and Government Together
The Annual Student Pipeline Industry Roundtable Event (ASPIRE) was held on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at Northeastern University, Boston. Each year, ASPIRE, which is hosted by ALERT (Awareness and Localization of Explosives-Related Threats) and Gordon-CenSSIS (The Bernard M. Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems), brings together members of the academic, industrial, and government communities to engage in dialogue, and provides networking opportunities for ALERT and Gordon-CenSSIS students looking for internships, co-op opportunities, and employment.

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Check Out Our Latest ALERT 101 Video
ALERT 101: The Basics - Atoms and Molecules

The newest ALERT 101 video, "The Basics: Atoms and Molecules," serves as a prequel to the ALERT 101 video "Methods of Chemical Characterization and Mitigation," and provides an introduction to atoms and molecules.  This video describes the structure of atoms, basic behaviors and properties of atoms, and how atoms bond to form molecules. Different methods of molecule identification are also discussed.

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Faculty Spotlight: Joel Greenberg
ALERT's Newest Thrust R1 Project  Investigator

Dr. Joel Greenberg, an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University, is one of the newest ALERT researchers. He is leading Project R1-C.3, "Characterizing, Modeling, and Mitigating Texturing in X-Ray Diffraction Tomography," a newly funded research project that kicked off in January, 2017.

ALERT Research Highlights
Recent Awards and Accomplishments 

ALERT Thrust R3 Project Investigators, Dr. Carey Rappaport and Dr. Jose Martinez-Lorenzo of Northeastern University were awarded a patent for "Signal Processing Methods and Systems for Explosives Detection and Identification Using Electromagnetic Radiation." Find out more about other recent awards and accomplishments of ALERT researchers!
ADSA16 Workshop 
May 2-3, 2017  

The Sixteenth Advanced Development for Security Applications Workshop (ADSA16) is scheduled for May 2-3, 2017, at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. The provisional title of the workshop will be "Addressing the Requirements for Different Stakeholders in Transportation Security." The stakeholders addressed will include the Transportation Security Authority (TSA), Airlines, Passengers, and Vendors. The ADSA16 workshop is being convened by the DHS Center of Excellence (COE) for Awareness and Localization of Explosives-Related Threats (ALERT).
Fundamentals of Explosives Course
May 2-4, 2017 at University of Rhode Island

A Fundamentals of Explosives Course is being offered at the University of Rhode Island from May 2-4, 2017. This course examines the chemistry of explosives, the physics of detonation waves and their initiation, and the issues involved in safe handling and characterizing these materials. Space is limited and early registration is encouraged!

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Opportunities at Raytheon Company  
Search over 200 open positions

Raytheon Company has over 200 open engineering positions for recent graduates seeking full-time employment, as well as opportunities for students seeking co-ops and internships. Positions are available throughout the country and internationally. For detailed job information and information on how to apply, visit their website linked below! 

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Pathways to Science 
Funding opportunities for STEM students  

The Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP) Pathways to Science project supports pathways to the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) by connecting students to programs such as REUs, graduate fellowships, and postdoctoral positions. Students can sign up online to automatically receive information on research, funding, and professional development opportunities customized to their interests.

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ALERT Core Partner Institutions

Northeastern University (lead)
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