May 21, 2020
Junipero Serra High School Newsletter
Junipero Serra High School believes that students of all faiths and backgrounds deserve an academically challenging, spiritually enriching Catholic college preparatory education that forms them to become generous, responsible citizens and leaders

From Mother Teresa

"....the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."
Thanks to these Alumni and Friends of Serra for their buckets, cups and drops. 
Ron Story '81 (shown above)
Dave Reidt '58, Dr. Frank Dzida '70, Larry Brown '82, Mike French '54, Brian Cooper '74, Brian Quinn '59, Pat Reagan '54, Brittany Qualls '20, Gennifer Bohannon '95, Micheal Bohannon-Roa '97
Shown above is Nick Fuscardo '60, Anthony Trahan '81, James Williams '81, Mike Johnston '67, Steve Kollmeyer '67, Nikeisha Brooks '10.

Thanks to Karen Qualls, Father Ken Templin S.M., Connie & Don Bohannon and family for their support through the the Angie Publico Scholarships.
We didn't forget.
If you are a Friend of Serra or an Alumnus and donated $61 or more to Serra since July 1, 2019 you will be a part of setting the Serra Alumni record.
You will receive your ALL HAIL! CARD!
5001+ Club Members
Pictured below is 5001+ Club Member who insists he not be recognized publicly.
There are four "Friends of Serra" 5001+ Club members.
Click here for 5001+ Club information or call Vince Kates '61 310-324-6675 xt. 3010.
A Graduate!
To this date, 95.7 of our graduating Seniors have been accepted in 4 year schools from Georgia Tech to UCLA.

A Serra family story.
Raven Bravo '16 graduated 2016 with a little help from the Orozco Family Alumni Scholarship. Raven just graduated from UNLV with her degree in Social Work.

Her older brother, Remington Wilson '07 attended UCLA and CSULA and graduated with a degree in Engineering. Remington is a family man with a new baby, Laila. Remington works as an electrical engineer with CPS Energy in San Antonio, Texas.

To support Serra and The ALL HAIL! Campaign,  mom, Carla, invested in Alumni Tiles for Raven and Remington.
Serra Business Support

Ramona's Mexican Food P roducts 
13633 S.  Western Ave. 
Gardena, CA 90249 
(310) 323-1950

No matter where you are remember to go online and read our hometown newspaper.

Remember Lomeli's gives a 20% discount when you wear Serra gear.

If you have a teenager ready for driving school head for EZ Will is a great supporter of Serra.
The School Day Begins! Serra Does Not Stop! 
You are among the many if you click here to watch the beginning of the online school day today at Serra.

Times have changed a little.  
How many remember the song "School Days."
"School days, school days
Dear old Golden Rule Days
'Reading and writing and rithmetic
Taught to the tune of the hickory stick"

School Days was written in 1907, recorded by many.
Might want to find Louis Jordan's 1949 version on You Tube. 
The ALL HAIL! Campaign. How can we get everyone to read this? And produce the Miracle on Van Ness Ave.
Wish we didn't have to make this ask, but we do. We lost planned revenue from the Cavalier Classic Golf Tournament, the '80s and the Old-Timers/Legends Reunions. So we are asking Serra's Alumni to match last year's record setting and needed donations.
Joe Cormier '81  Vince Kates '61 

Find out more about the certificates below.
We all likely know the situation in schools like Serra in normal times. In the present situation we have a percentage of families who have lost jobs or have had to shutter their businesses and, suddenly, tuition payments became an issue.  Schools like Serra depend on tuition.
What do we do to make up the Alumni lost revenue?
The Advancement/Alumni Office and the Alumni Association developed the "ALL HAIL" Campaign to raise funds to help families who found themselves in difficult situations financially.  

We established a goal for the Alumni. That goal is to raise as much as we did last year. $250,845.44.  By meeting the goal, we help a lot of Serra's families and you will become a member of a Serra record setting team!

About the certificates. All Alumni who have donated throughout the year will receive a personalized certificate recognizing their participation on the 2019-20 record setting team. If we set the record.
Here are the numbers to help the families in need, set a record and produce the Miracle on Van Ness Ave.   
Click here to read the April 15th newsletter and see the original plan.

Here are the numbers.

Alumni Revenue 18-19 (the goal & record) ---       $250,845
Amount raised to April 14th -----------------------    $183,165  
Amount needed to help Serra families ------------     $67,680                                                                       
All Hail! campaign raised through 5/20 ----------      $33, 063 
Alumni Donor $1.00 for $2.00 match -------------    $16, 531
Remaining from Alumni Donor match ------------      $6, 029
The Record will be set with  $1.00 to spare -------    $67, 681  
(Math courtesy of Teachers at St. Michaels '77 and St. John the Evangelist '57)

 Remember, our match donor is matching all donations with $1.00 additional for every $2.00 donated by Alumni up to a maximum of $40,000 donated. Serra must receive the donations by 5:00PM  June 1, 2020.   
Where does my donation go?
Donation go to Alumni Scholarships/Tuition Assistance funds. Click here for Alumni Scholarship Requirements.

Click here to donate to the ALL HAIL! Campaign....or send your check to:
Serra High School
ALL HAIL! Campaign
14830 Van Ness Ave.
Gardena, CA 90249

Mark Dunn '76 reminds us if your employer has a charitable Employee Match Program consider using it.
Dr. John Cragin '71 reminds us to use Amazon Smile, Kroger (Ralphs) and other companies who donate a portion of your purchases to the non profit of your choice.
Reunions & Events
Promotion time for reunions is 6 weeks.
" The Cavalier Classic"
Beginning to Plan a Date.
1. 1980 40th year reunion to be rescheduled.
2. Old Timers/Legends to be rescheduled. 
3. 1970 50th scheduled for July 18th in question.
4. 1990, 2000, 2010 TBD
Cavalier Code
Cavaliers have faith and integrity.
Cavaliers are humble and accountable.
Cavaliers are scholars who lead and serve.
Cavaliers are soldiers for Christ.
We are Cavaliers.
All Hail!

Joe Cormier '81
Director of Development