The APHSA National Human Services Summit 2024 is taking place June 9 to 12! There are only a few days left to act on our open Call for Proposals. Be sure to submit your materials by Friday, February 16 and join us in “Shaping the Future of Human Services."

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Disrupt the Dialogue

Season 2 of Disrupt the Dialogue already has four inspiring episodes available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other streaming platforms. Co-hosts Tina Wright-Ervin and Alexander Figueroa present thought-provoking and personal discussions with Edgard Martinez, Johnathan Palmer, Emeka Madu, and other leaders in the human services sector around their work in advancing EDIB. Follow the links above or go to your favorite streaming platform and search for Disrupt the Dialogue today!

AI Posture

Together with member input, APHSA has finalized its Artificial Intelligence (AI) posture, which lays out foundational tenets for the adoption of AI in human services.

New Posts on The Catalyst

There are several new posts on our blog, The Catalyst. Be sure to read Understanding and Enhancing Our Ability to Reduce Food Insecurity, which provides an overview of the programs available to significantly decrease food insecurity; post 5 in our Organization Effectiveness series, A Guide to Co-Creating with People with Lived Experience; and learn more about the potential of self-service, automation, and integrated eligibility in 3 Lessons States Can Learn From Medicaid Unwinding. Read and share today!

Celebrating Black History Month

APHSA proudly acknowledges the enduring legacy of African Americans being celebrated during this year’s Black History Month. Reflecting on that legacy, our Chief EDIB officer, Natalie Williams, has written a post titled, Black History: Past, Present, and Future. Follow the link and read today.


APHSA Submits Comment on OFA's FRA-Related Request for Information

On June 3, the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 was signed into law with four provisions that impacted the federal TANF program. Sections 302 and 304 of the Act mandate a six-year pilot program as well as four outcome measures states must track for one year after individuals exit the TANF program. Both sections become effective on October 1, 2024. OFA published a Request for Information (RFI) in November 2023 soliciting public input on select topics related to these sections. Follow the link below to read the National Association of State TANF Administrators' (NASTA) response to this RFI.

Read NASTA Response

Leading with Next Generation Competencies in Human Services

APHSA and Social Current have joined efforts to identify and build solutions to address the many challenges faced by human services professionals. We've developed people-centered leadership competencies for human services leaders, community-based organizations, and public agencies with a shared mission of promoting equity and community voices across all organizations. From collective input with both community and human services leaders, we mapped the Next Generation of Leadership Competencies, intended to help rebuild systems that address systemic barriers, and increase the focus on people and community. We will soon be releasing information on this work. Get in contact with us to learn more.

Email Trinka Landry-Bourne

AI Workgroup

The Process Innovation team encourages all interested human services professionals to join APHSA’s AI Workgroup and/or Process Innovation Community of Practice. Joining means you'll get to learn and discuss among peers the advancements in AI as they relate to human services, as well as other process improvements in our the sector.

Email Jessica Maneely

Summer Nutrition Summit 

Morgan McKinney, our process innovation project associate, and Nicole Acosta, our SNAP and nutrition supports intern, with the leadership support of food and nutrition senior policy associate Chloe Green, aided in the successful execution of the Summer Nutrition Summit. APHSA staff moderated a plenary session with Community Impact Consultants (CICs) who serve as strategic advisors to the Coordinating SNAP and Nutrition Supports (CSNS) program. Together, they drew from their lived experiences within child nutrition programs to engage an audience of around 400 state, federal, and non-government partners. The discussion centered on how to implement this brand-new program effectively to benefit organizations and families.

Email Morgan McKinney

Including Child Support in the Human Services Conversation

Khristian Monterroso, project associate for economic mobility and well-being, participated in a conversation hosted by the National Child Support Engagement Association’s (NCSEA) podcast, NCSEA On Location. The discussion centered on how child support professionals are collaborating with APHSA to develop a whole-family approach to economic supports, making sure to incorporate child support. The episode is titled “Child Support and APHSA Collaboration,” and you can listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Email Khristian Monterroso

APHSA and NASWA Partnership

APHSA and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) presented a briefing about our Aligned Customer-Centered Ecosystem of Services & Supports (ACCESS) initiative for partners last month. This briefing is at the midpoint of the project and is the capstone of our first phase, with us now transitioning into the customer experience phase of the initiative.

Email Jessica Maneely

APHSA Collaboration with Urban Institute on Supporting Youth

With the support of APHSA, the Urban Institute's latest research explores how human services agencies can support young people's access to benefits and services. The Urban Institute has added three fact sheets to this body of work:

  1. How Strategic Partnerships Can Help Human Services Agencies Expand Access to Benefits among Young People
  2. How Human Services Agencies Can Authentically Engage Young People in Improving Youth Safety Net Programs
  3. How Human Services Agencies Can Improve Outreach to College Students Eligible for Safety Net Supports.
Email Mary Nelson


February 28, 3:00 to 4:00 PM EST: An upcoming National Staff Development and Training Association (NSDTA) Showcase Series titled "AI-Enhanced Curriculum" will explore the transformative potential of Generative AI on training. The session will unpack the nuances of generative AI technology and highlight its practical uses in content creation, knowledge assessment, and e-learning. Learn the basics of crafting effective AI prompts, explore ethical considerations, address AI limitations, ensure data privacy while customizing AI to fit organizational needs, and more!

April 24-25: (Please note the date change from our previous announcement) APHSA will be supporting the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) at the 2024 Thriving Communities and Economic Mobility Regional Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. The event is focused on aligning workforce, education, and employment through SNAP Employment & Training (SNAP E&T). We strongly encourage the attendance of organizations and community colleges interested in learning about the opportunity to become a SNAP E&T third-party provider or current third-party providers looking to expand their programs.


Amaya Alexndra Ramos, MSW, CPH, MA - Project Associate, Culturally Responsive Services

A. Ramos leads evidence-based initiatives for refugee, immigrant, indigenous, and other populations heavily affected by social inequities. This includes ongoing projects in language justice, information-sharing platforms, and creating grant-funded content, such as the brief, “Retrospective of Factors Impacting U.S. Human Services Delivery and Emergency Response During Evacuations from Afghanistan.” Contact Alexandra with any inquiries on APHSA's immigrant-focused work.


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President & CEO, Reggie Bicha, collaborates with APHSA staff members, Carmelle Coby, Marci McCoy-Roth, and Sheila Poole during his first week in the office.

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