Next Wednesday evening, October 5th we will be presenting Anti-Corruption Awards to two of the leaders of the Morrison Institute: Thom Reilly and Joseph Garcia.  Hope you buy your ticket today and join us.
The Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University is conducting landmark research on the emerging independent voter constituency, now 37% of Arizona voters and 43% of Americans. is collaborating with Morrison/ASU on its next project which will help us to illuminate the unique role of independent voters in America today.

Thom Reilly is the director of the Morrison Institute and a distinguished public policy professional.  He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Pubic Administration.  He has written several books on public pay and benefits, HIV and child welfare.  Thom has his doctorate of public administration from the University of San Diego.  

Joseph Garcia 
joined the Morrison Institute in 2009 after a not ab le career in journalism including experience as top editor, columnist and news reporter at The Arizona Republic, USA Today and The Associated Press, among others.  Joe is the Director of Communications and Community Impact and the Director of the Morrison Institute Latino Policy Center. 

Thom Reilly, Joseph Garcia  and the ASU Morrison Institute team are breaking new ground in researching who independents are and how we impact--including in social and cultural ways.  

We look forward to honoring them  next Wednesday.   On behalf of the entire event committee, I hope that you will generously support this year's Anti-Corruption Awards and join us on   October 5th .


Cathy Stewart  
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