Thank You for Decoding Literacy!
Decoding Literacy was an event like no other, an evening spent rallying our champions of literacy, understanding more about our organization’s vision, and honoring some of the many people who make Literacy Services such a powerful program. We made memories, shared laughter, and raised important funds to further our mission. Thank you to everyone for your support! Please click the image on the right to see photos of the big event!
Meet Our Inspiration Award Winners
Theresa - Student of Inspiration Adult Basic Education
From her first day in ABE, Theresa studied hard and worked diligently to overcome the challenges that had always held her back. As a parent of five young children, Theresa is highly involved in their education and often volunteers in their classrooms when assistance is needed. While attending tutoring in ABE, Theresa started a business and built a website to advertise her services. One year after starting in ABE, she began working towards her HSED. Halfway through the program, a medical condition made her extremely ill. Still, Theresa persisted; she completed the program and earned her HSED. Her business is doing well, the kids are doing well in school, and she has plans to grow her client base this summer.
Yannick - Student of Inspiration English Language Learning
Yannick arrived in the United States from Cameroon a few years ago. He was hired to work on the floor at Penzey's Spices, but as a native French speaker, he had trouble with the speed and content of American speech, so he enrolled at LSW. Yannick has a degree in Engineering, as well as experience in computer science, and he and his tutor began to explore what he could offer his employer beyond the job description for which he was hired. Yannick was eventually promoted to an IT position, and now he has an office! He is currently enrolled at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Donna - Student of Inspiration Adult Secondary Education
Donna has worked to improve her skills for two years, experiencing both small victories and major setbacks, yet continues to this day with steadfast determination. In addition to studying for her GED, Donna works, raises a family, volunteers for cancer fundraising efforts, and advocates for those who struggle with a certain visual disorder (herself included). Every day, Donna arrives early to mingle with and provide cheerful words of encouragement to other students. Then she buckles down and gets to work, pushing through the frustrations of math anxiety, to work towards the goal of mastering this elusive content. Donna’s tenacity and perseverance remain a deep source of inspiration to students, volunteers, and LSW staff.
Chris - Alumnus of Inspiration
Despite graduating high school, Chris was not able to read or write proficiently. He knew any dreams of college-level study would certainly require those abilities, so he enrolled at LSW and began to receive intensive phonics instruction in 2009. Even after a devastating family loss, Chris persisted with his studies and eventually completed the Wilson Reading System in December 2013. He went on to accomplish his dream of earning an Associate's Degree, and he successfully completed a Master Gardener's certificate through the UW-Extension system.

Paul - Tutor of Inspiration
Paul and his wife came to an orientation at LSW and planned to become tutors together. Tragically, his spouse passed away unexpectedly, but Paul continued on with training and became a tutor to honor her memory. Paul tutors four or more sessions per week, and he is the go-to tutor for new ABE students in both reading and math. Every student who works with Paul comes away feeling important, smart, and capable. Many students who initially seem unmotivated or disengaged return to LSW and stay involved as a direct result of working with Paul.

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Join us next year to celebrate our 55th anniversary!
Discovery World
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Literacy Services has a great chance of winning $150,000 as part of the XPrize Communities Competition, but we need your support! In order to compete, we have to reach 1,500 downloads of the app featured in our Summer App Challenge.

As of this writing, we have just 160 downloads. If every single active LSW student and tutor downloads the app, that still only puts us around 600 downloads. That's why we need your help!
Please download the FREE app on your device, and share the link to our website with your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, fellow congregants - anyone who values our mission and wants to help in the easiest possible way! Those who download the app and open it on three different days can enter to win the Summer App Challenge, featuring a grand prize of an Xbox One X gaming console and many other prizes, including LSW gear! Just imagine how much good we could do for our community if we won this competition. Please help us spread the word and get the downloads we need to compete!

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Congratulations, Graduates!
On May 22nd, 2019, Literacy Services of Wisconsin took part in MATC's GED/HSED commencement ceremony. Of the 225 graduates to walk the stage that evening, 48 represented LSW! 45 of these students earned their HSED, while 3 finished with their GED. Graduates represented the 6 different programs LSW offers across Milwaukee, as well as graduates from the first cohort of students through our expansion to Racine!

Of note, LSW's own Jacklyn Isabell was nominated to represent the entire graduating class as student speaker. A student at our evening program on the south side of Milwaukee on Layton, Ms. Isabell was a diligent student, determined to earn her HSED in order to validate the college courses she had already taken prior to her enrollment at LSW. During her last week of class, Jacklyn expressed delight over already beginning the enrollment process to MATC for the summer session. And when the opportunity to audition for student speaker was presented, despite her hectic schedule, Jacklyn put in the time to construct a speech and audition. Jacklyn recalls one of the panelist judge's remark, "Now that's what we're looking for," when Jacklyn concluded her speech. LSW is proud of Jacklyn and the other 47 graduates from our spring 2019 semester.

Jacklyn was interviewed by the
 Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service about her journey to graduation. Click the button below to read the full article.
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Volunteer Survey & Handbook
Current Volunteers,

We recently announced the release of our new Volunteer Handbook. As part of our focus on continuous improvement, we have been working to expand our volunteer program, as well as enhance the volunteer onboarding experience. Although many of you are veteran LSW tutors and volunteers, we are asking you to 1) review our Volunteer Handbook and 2) complete a feedback survey.

Please click the button on the right to review the handbook. After reading, follow the link on the last page to confirm receipt, acknowledge expectations, and agree to follow the outlined policies.

Afterwards, we hope you will follow the link to participate in a volunteer survey and provide your invaluable feedback on your experience volunteering with us. Please complete the survey by July 31st. Thank you for your continued service and commitment to our students!
Welcome Our Newest Staff Member!
Patrice Vnuk
As the new ELL Program Director of Literacy Services’ downtown location, I am thrilled to be part of a passionate team united by a common goal. Empowering people in our community with literacy and communication skills in a safe, uplifting environment has been a dream of mine for a long time—and now I get to do it every day! 
I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Literature. I returned shortly after to complete UWM’s TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate program, and finished in December 2018. I will be going back to UWM yet again to pursue a Master’s degree in TESOL and Applied Linguistics beginning fall 2020.
Before coming to LSW full-time, I was a volunteer tutor in the ELL program for several years. I also worked as the Professional ELL Tutor at Mount Mary University for the past two semesters.
In my spare time, I enjoy long-distance running and racing, trying out new restaurants in the area, traveling, and reading. I am currently training and working toward qualifying for the Boston Marathon!